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Black Grouper: Game fish from the depths
Black Grouper1The black grouper (english Black Grouper) is a saltwater fish of the family Serranidae and an excellent food fish. He has an elongated, strong and cylindrically extending body. Its color varies from gray to olivgr├╝nlich. The upper body is usually mamoriert dark gray to dark brown. The segments appear rectangular and are lighter in the middle.
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The Seminoles - still prominent Native
seminolen2The word "Seminole" is a derivation of the Spanish word "Cimarron" which means "wild man". The Seminoles were given long ago this name when they fled from slavery British controlled colonies to Florida. Originally there were "Creeks," Indians of the Muskogee tribe, in which still mingled many other Indian cultures. The Indian tribe in the Everglades had to fight hard for his country and its present prosperity.
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Discover Florida from the water

boatingBoating in Florida is a "must do", because only from the water you can experience the Sunshine State in its consummate glory. Thus one finds at the more than 1400 kilometers of coastline most beautiful white sand beaches or you can be at selected fishing spots to catch his dinner. On Water Flipper is an ordinary companion, which one often encounters. At the latest when the American woman cries on the neighboring boat in high tones "Oh my god", you should reduce speed and look where it hinguckt.

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Hands on Museum Imaginarium Science Center
imaginariumOn a rainy day in Fort Myers is suitable for families with children visit the Imaginarium Science Center. Here science is clearly based on over 60 exhibits and shown to be touched. Especially small meteorologists and budding tropical keepers get their money.
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Florida as a business location

warumfloridaFor vacationers Florida has always been a dream destination. But what does this mean for business owners? How can I protect against failure and minimizes the "training money", which is usually obtained inevitable with new beginnings? The answer is: It depends on that to find the right consultant. The paper will give a small Ersteinblick:

The most successful entrepreneurs are mostly those who approach their business activities in Florida just as carefully as they would do at home. It should not save in the wrong and should be well prepared: An extensive market research is just as important as the motivated entrepreneurial principles location search. Turning experienced and objectively acting consultant without artificial parts are more authoritative things. Furthermore proves true the old saying the shoemaker and his bars: Although you always hear of successful dropouts, operating a small beach bar is usually not nearly as romantic as one that has perhaps dreamed earlier in the desk.

Are all these questions answered, it comes to implementing an already well-established business plan into action. In this case, the law in Florida from the usual law in Germany, which will be explained briefly below differs:

company law

Companies are established quickly, easily and inexpensively in America: Although this difference is positive, however, mean that a company is only an "empty" right person before they are filled with life or property. For newly founded companies with no credit proof, this means that the owner or other business partners of the owners, managers or parent companies require personal guarantees and thus there is liability on the individual investment. Caution should be even with the assumption of connections with other companies prevail, because bankruptcy is easily explained.

Employment Law

To get one of the relevant investor or business visas and in particular to extend this, one can not avoid the employment of US workers. Since the Florida helps entrepreneurs the concept of "Employment at Will", ie employment at will. When business is going well, it provides a worker. Go bad, they are not from any unconstitutional reason (these are mostly to discrimination based on race, sex, age, disability or country of origin) released.

While that does not sound appealing to the employees themselves, it is an ideal mechanism to adapt to market fluctuations for the employer. Here, this mechanism is often a double-edged sword, as efficient and well-trained forces prefer employers who voluntarily offer certain benefits such as private pension and health insurance. This presents the flip side: Good employees to lose quickly if they get a better deal somewhere.


Florida does not require any additional income tax, in contrast to other states by private individuals. This means that on ordinary income only prevalent federal tax rate of up to 35% is calculated. However, here is the property tax is considerably higher and the gain is taxed, no matter how long you hold an asset. It is very important therefore to have in addition to the planning of business advice from an accountant or specialist lawyer who is familiar with the application of the German / US double taxation agreements and the impact of the tax laws of both countries on the international entrepreneur.

contract law

US law is based on English common law and is therefore not aligned with the existence of a federal law book. The result is voluminous works contract, must die for all forests. There is, with the exception of immoral agreements almost complete freedom of contract. Quality standards, deadlines or who pays for legal fees and in case of dispute. Court costs will be covered by a contract. Disputes to which silent contracts, often end up in court.

Other aspects and clarifying questions: Are patents secured? Come products liability law by rules? Need products and / or services a special license or acceptance by a US authority? Such issues should be resolved in any event prior to arrival of goods or equipment in an American port. American lawyers specialize early and many of them spend the majority of their time trying to keep their clients from lawsuits and conflicts with authorities.

For the well-prepared entrepreneur is America - and Florida - still a good location. However, the move across the pond must be properly planned.

Quality of Life

Americans are generally friendly towards foreign investors. Generally, you will be taken quickly and courteously. The social envy, known to many from Europe or other parts of the world, there is rarely here. If you drive a great car, is more admired than envied, because in the United States even the simplest worker believes that everyone can take it to the same wealth in this system. What in other countries triggers crime or envy, is therefore more likely seen in America as an incentive to achieve the same. This setting also results in a certain degree of security that is not necessarily present in other sunny destinations.

This article does not constitute legal advice but is for general information.

The author Dr. Juergen Hartwich is a Managing Partner of International Business Organization, LLC, Cape Coral.

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Without a rental car is not much
The American goes to the opposite on the road supermarket by car, he goes - no even goes to the gym, and out of that he goes for a walk with the dog, he travels by car, the smallest possible distance. Simple as Walking - None. Public transport is, but school buses can be seen more often. Especially in rural areas is nothing without car. Motorcycling is also possible, but you should in the rainy season from mid-June dispense better on it until the end of September.

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Destinations around Sarasota

GasparillaFlorido Tip videoGasparilla Island

After crossing over a small bridge, you come seemingly in another world and reaches the Gulf island of Gasparilla Iceland in Southwest Florida at Boca Grande. Everywhere drive golf carts and here seem to be the means of locomotion no. 1 of locals and tourists. Holiday made here not only the presidential Bush family, but it attracted already many celebrities such as Katharine Hepburn and Henry Ford on the island paradise.

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The broker system in Florida: predicate sell and buy friendly

estate agentsAgain and again the question of how many agents should work together usefully. The answer is quite simple: a. Because this one is perfectly adequate, since it has access to all up for sale properties. Here the broker and real estate system differs drastically from that in Germany. The article explains why:

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Adrianne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts

adriannearshtcenterThe Adrianne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts (7) is the largest performing arts center in Florida and one of the largest centers in the US. The beautiful architecture was created by the Argentine-American architect Cesar Pelli, who divided his design into two main components: the Ziff Ballet Opera House and the Knight Concert Hall. {Jcomments on}

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Traffic rules in Florida

Florido trafficIn Florida makes driving fun: The roads are mostly "straight on", even in towns the traffic is often four or multi-track, there are, in the centers of the few large cities always plenty of parking while shopping, in a restaurant, etc. My German license is valid for a stay of up to six months, unless a hike, then other rules apply. A gas station you can always find in your area and the locals drive particularly in South Florida already with the "Caribbean close" rest of its neighboring islands. Nevertheless, there are rules, of which we have put together the most important below.

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Southwestern Florida: Contemplative and exciting
SWF1Anyone traveling through Florida, without inserting a stop in the southwest, missed the tranquility of the state. Countless turquoise, and much calmer sands when the load in the east to relax. Even the water is moderate on the Gulf of Mexico and especially ideal for traveling with children. The area is wealthy and is inhabited by very friendly people. One comes quickly this week, because there are probably more time here than at the Atlantic - at least seems that way. Many German or Americans of German descent are found or those who have a close to distant relatives, who had been to Germany or comes out of our home. If you want to really get to know the region, you should already plan a week's time. Good cook can also find an entire holiday spend.
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Cape Coral: city of canals

Florido perfect dayThe perfect day in Cape Coral

The perfect day begins with a hearty breakfast by the pool of our freshly made house. We let the events of our trip reminisce and look forward to a week of relaxation in Cape Coral. Then we pack the cooler with cold drinks full and off we go to the back of the house on the canal geparketen motorboat on the Caloosahatchee River.

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Six Ways to Green Card

greencardMany roads lead to Rome: for emigrants the coveted green card is the target at the end of a long and often arduous process. Below six ways to show how a potential immigrant to highly anticipated "Green Card" comes, including marriage, family reunification, jobs or investments.

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Florida Scout TV: Cabbage Key
The romantic Cabbage Key is always worth a boat trip - not only because of the delicious cheeseburger in the island restaurant:

{Youtube} kPVCLm4jZUE {/ youtube}

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Florida Scout TV: Anna Maria Iceland
On our short tour of Anna Maria Iceland you experience the cozy island with its beautiful beaches. Here there is neither skyscrapers nor mass tourism and hardly chain restaurants:

{Youtube} 8Qj7sJz-xn4 {/ youtube}
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Destinations around Cape Coral

MatlachaFlorido Tip video

zielecapecoral1The small fishing village is an artist at the same time. It extends right and left of the main road between Cape Coral and Pine Iceland. Many pastels angemalte - seemingly coming out of this world - decorating the house way in which you should definitely make a stop. See this no matter how small from the street from, is one of the entrance like an illusion.

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Shopping in the US - Business opportunities in Florida?
JComments {off}einkaufen2Anyone who has been in the United States and especially in Florida, knows about the countless and often unmanageable deals from countless shops. Often you can see while driving on the highway in the countless small and large malls roadside logos of large stores and do not know what they mean. Then, it's sitting next to happy times the question: "XYZ - what's actually there" Or is it to obtain something or bring for the home and you have to research where there is the coveted Good only. With our list below, we would like to bring a little light into the shopping Nirvana. We have picked out our known major chain stores, yet initially waived the countless designer shops for clothes in the big malls. These are found well presented clearly in the Store Locators of each mall.

Click here for our Buying

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Florida Scout TV: emerald sea and Sugar Beaches
The Emerald Coast or German Emerald Coast is one of the best that there is. Here are a few insights into this wonderful nature in the Panhandle, Florida.

{Youtube} naxnbqLaHuc {/ youtube}
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Cape Canaveral: Experience Human Spaceflight and nature of the earth

Florido perfect dayThe perfect day in Cape Canaveral

Today, the early bird catches the worm, we get up early and look forward to our visit to the Kennedy Space Center about the first time before the influx of visitors, employing the latest against 10.30 PM. In addition, you will crave a few hours later by the now somewhat cooler temperatures. Proper space and astronauts fans spend their perfect day here today - and without getting bored them.

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Sheepshead: zebra stripes and sharp fins
sheepsheadSheepshead is a type of bream and swims in the 20 28 ┬░ C to warm coastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the North Atlantic, the Caribbean and Central and South America. One finds the saltwater fish in areas with rocky ground, on docks, bridges, piles, artificial reefs and in mangroves.
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Women's clothing sizes conversion charts EU - USA
JComments {off}Frau1
Size women in dresses and suits (young girls)
Europe 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50
USA 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20

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Fort Myers: City of Palms with beach

Florido perfect dayThe perfect day in Fort Myers

Have we our quarters conveniently based in one of the many motels or hotels in Fort Myers Beach, we wake at best on a morning swim in the Gulf of Mexico. Are also numerous here the little restaurants and bars, which often have a typical American breakfast.
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Florida Scout TV: Gasparilla Iceland

The toll to get to the island worthwhile, not least to shoot postcard views at the end of the island. Ride with us on the island:

{Youtube} owp_pfzO2KU {/ youtube}

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Cape Coral beach - not only for beaching

CCStrandCape Coral has even a beach, even to lie without the Gulf of Mexico. Even if the water from the Caloosahatchee River is not always suitable for swimming, you can spend a nice time here. For the little ones there is a playground for the big barbecue area, the sand is fine and inviting. Next door is just a pier, fishing on especially on the weekends the locals vigorously.

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Food and Beverages in the US - Business opportunities in Florida?
Gastronomie4The range of restaurants in Florida is big and better than its reputation. Although there are countless fast-food and chain restaurants, but some are definitely worth a visit - along with many other local eateries. Especially tourists are therefore overwhelmed once, because the journey time is scarce and should not be shortened with hours of "foraging" on the evening. Sure you get in the hotel information but in a cottage which already looks different. Not all landlords provide their holiday guests with functional information about the environment. For a better overview, we have a restaurant guide created on the famous chain restaurants - each with links to Location Finder and menu cards.

Here it goes to our restaurant guide

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Saint Augustine: oldest city in Europe

Florido perfect dayThe perfect day in Saint Augustine

We arrive early to Saint Augustine - especially in the summer months, because sightseeing in Florida bring a sweat. In front of the Castillo de San Marcos we can easily park our car. In the fortress - believe it or not - we learn something from the 350 years old Florida. This is very unusual, and because that represents a striking contrast to the other "water-beach-sun" feeling, we enrich our vacation in Saint Augustine with some culture.

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Art Deco Historic District

 Art DecoIn Art Deco design most immediately think of the architectural special, beautiful colorful hotels in Miami Beach, like pearls on a string particularly on Ocean Drive to - the promenade of Miami Beach - line up. It is a movement in the history of design, the shape of objects of all areas of life from clothes included in the years between 1920 1940 and up to cars and has its origins in Europe.

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Key West: Normalos encountered elsewhere

Florido perfect dayThe perfect day in Key West

On the perfect day in Key West you have to get involved with the uniqueness of the island. Immediately upon leaving the house runs a pig pink taxi past us, one street we encounter a horde of long-haired hippies on their grizzled Harley in 60er years look. At least now we know we are in Key West. During our walk to Southernmost Point we rejoice in this terribly beautiful and colorful town.
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Bayfront Miami Downtown

skyliftIf you want to get an overview of Miami Downtown before a walk, it is best to get in advance Miami Sky Lift (1). However, this unusual viewing platform requires some courage, because it is a balloon. Up to 30 people can enjoy the view here 15 minutes in 150 meters high. In good visibility, you can look a long way around 40 kilometers. {Jcomments on}

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Emerald Coast: beaches and water of superlatives
Emerald coast1Forget all the beaches that have seen so far in her Florida: The the Emerald Coast are undoubtedly the most beautiful. The Emerald Coast from the East starts coming impress in Panama City Beach with its incredible beauty. Although here the architectural environment to want to put it mildly leaves something, the beaches are just amazing picturesque. Crystal clear and actually emerald water caresses the fine white quartz sand and can even forget the concrete buildings behind - at least out of season.
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