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  • southwestern Florida Welcome to the Sunshine State
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Daily tips and information about the area

  • Pensacola: Deep South with living history

    Florido perfect day The perfect day in Pensacola

    In the early morning, when it is not so hot, we take a walk through the Historic Pensacola Village , Are we a little history, interested, we buy a ticket and look around in the houses, how people lived back then. Otherwise also reaches the

    ... Read More
  • Naples: City of Millionaires

    Florido perfect day The Perfect Day in Naples

    Am still cool morning we head to Old Naples to sniff a bit of luxury air. We stroll on the 3rd St S and / or the 5th Ave S and a bit of shopping in the expensive boutiques, if we are well off. If not, enjoy... Read More
  • Apalachicola: more authentic fishing village with oyster Guarantee

    Florido perfect day The perfect day in Apalachicola

    Early risers embark shortly after sunrise on a little walk through the village. Then they can watch the fishermen leak. There are in the Water Street a small boardwalk with benches where you can see the many boats passing by. For this purpose, a coffee next door - just perfect!... Read More
  • Panama City Beach: jewel among giant hotels

    Florido perfect day The perfect day in Panama City Beach

    You hate it or you love it: Panama City Beach is demonized in guidebooks, but the need to wonder why from around the world so many tourists here. By from our hotel easily, - So the perfect day starts at the beach... Read More
  • Islamorada: world capital of fishing

    Florido perfect day The perfect day in Islamorada

    Fishing enthusiasts and anyone who wants to be there, need to Islamorada and so they can also do not experience other than a perfect day here. Whether you perceive one of the offered guided sea-going or inland fishing trips, you will catch a fish. Because Islamorada is considered the... Read More
  • Key West: Normalos encountered elsewhere

    Florido perfect day The perfect day in Key West

    On the perfect day in Key West you have to get involved with the uniqueness of the island. Immediately upon leaving the house runs a pig pink taxi past us, one street we encounter a horde of long-haired hippies on their grizzled Harley in 60er years... Read More
  • Sanibel and Captiva Island: paradise not only for Shell Seekers

    Florido perfect day The perfect day in Sanibel

    Before breakfast we look at the private beach after the night newly washed up beautiful, colorful, large and usually easy to find shells in great variety, before the best of them collect other. Then you can look forward to a hopefully long breakfast. Anyone

    ... Read More
  • Cape Canaveral: Experience Human Spaceflight and nature of the earth

    Florido perfect day The perfect day in Cape Canaveral

    Today, the early bird catches the worm, we get up early and look forward to our visit to the Kennedy Space Center about the first time before the rush of visitors who uses the latest against 10.30 clock. In addition, you will be a few hours later by the

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  • Fort Myers: City of Palms with beach

    Florido perfect day The perfect day in Fort Myers

    Have we our quarters conveniently based in one of the many motels or hotels in Fort Myers Beach, we wake at best on a morning swim in the Gulf of Mexico. Are also numerous here the little restaurants and bars, which often includes a typical... Read More
  • Miami Beach: See and be seen

    Florido perfect day The perfect day in Miami Beach

    The perfect day ideally starts even before the shower with a first look at the turquoise sea, as long as one has billeted in one of the Art Deco hotels in rooms with sea view. The morning we use for some serious shopping in the Lincoln Road Mall. Next

    ... Read More
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Discover Florida

  • Florida Keys: Islands of blissful dropouts

    keys3 Water, lots of water - turquoise, warm and clear - surrounds the paradisiacal Florida Keys. The 180 kilometer long island chain holds many surprises and a drive to get there was to be made not only with the aim of Key West - even if the most famous and ausgeflippteste among 45... Read More
  • Miami: Lively exoticism with Caribbean Spirit

    Miami1 Irrepressible joie de vivre, with lively exotic Caribbean feeling with pastel paint - this is the city of the rich and famous, to which you would like to join once in life. Was it once there, you do not really want to leave. The city attracts a magically and gives the impression that there

    ... Read More
  • Panhandle: Interesting how a large green emerald

    Panhandle Ort1 Often referred to as Florida's Forgotten Coast, the Panhandle is a hot tip among the most foreign tourists. Translated, Panhandle Pfannenstil what the beauty of this part of the world will not do justice. Southern Charm, an abundance of wildlife, blues at its finest and approximately 320 kilometers gleaming white beaches with crystal clear water enchant especially... Read More
  • Southwestern Florida: Contemplative and exciting

    SWF1 Anyone traveling through Florida, without inserting a stop in the southwest, missed the tranquility of the state. Countless turquoise and much more secluded beaches than in the East invite you to relax. Even the water is moderate on the Gulf of Mexico and especially ideal for traveling with children. The area is wealthy... Read More
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Travel information

  • Health Information
  • Criminal provisions
  • Customs regulations
  • Traffic rules
  • Air-Conditioning
  • Entry into the US
Florido sick Even in the most beautiful holiday, it may happen that a family member is sick. Prevention is better than cure is also a sensible way so that does not happen. The article gives hints what precautions you should already take home what you can do if someone falls ill and yet what dangerous diseases ever... Read More
Florido jail A beer on the beach, a small job opportunity for the improvement of the pocket money, swimming topless, the flexible breastfeeding my toddler or quickly forgotten speeding ticket - which will be surely allowed. Nil and caution: Because you should be taken into police custody on suspicion of a crime, is... Read More
Customs Upon entry into the United States, there are rules for customs imports of food and special items. It is generally prohibited to import animal and vegetable products such as fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, plants, soil and seeds. The carriage of weapons, knives, fireworks products, pornographic materials, drugs and poisons is strictly prohibited. Is duty-free... Read More

Florido traffic In Florida makes driving fun: The roads are mostly "straight on", even in towns the traffic is often four or multi-track, there are, in the centers of the few large cities always plenty of parking while shopping, in a restaurant, etc. My German license is for a stay of up to six

... Read More

Florido sun As is common in the tropics is also available in Florida, a dry and a rainy season. Especially in the summer months the weather can thwart vacation plans again and again. Because when it rains, it does mostly right - and sometimes it is also dangerous, especially if you might be

... Read More

Florido Pass Who wants to travel to the US should definitely prepare a few days before his trip to: In addition to a valid passport of adults need from the 26. June 2012 children their own valid passport. Entries in the parent's passport are then invalid. Is it finally time must

... Read More

Florida active

  • Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge: Where freshwater meets saltwater

    ding darling1 On about 2000 hectares and thus about about a third of Sanibel Island extends the "thing" Darling National Wildlife Refuge. This can be explored in different ways: by bike, car, tram, kayak or by pedes. Each of these means of transportation has its own charm. Everyone has one thing in common: pure nature.

    ... Read More
  • Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

    Marie selby2 If you would like to enjoy the flora of Florida, you can go to the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota. On the shores of beautiful Sarasota Bay, the industrialist William Selby, with his wife, has opened the 36.000 m² large flowering oasis of tranquility

    ... Read More
  • Coquina Beach: Emerald Coast of the Southwest

    Coquina Beach1 If you drive from Bradenton on the 64 over the bridge on Anna Maria Island you are tempted to turn right and head towards Bean Point. At the northern end of the island it is also breathtakingly beautiful, but the parking lots are unfortunately lackware. The Coquina Beach on the

    ... Read More
  • Picnic and swimming at Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park

    delnor4 Shortly before Naples - Coming from the north - there is a long stretch of beach with five parking spaces, although it is not as well suited for small children, but float the heart beat faster. The beach is very narrow (to be once been much wider) and goes pretty quickly deep into the water

    ... Read More
  • Wonderful film world Universal Studios Orlando

    universal5 In the " Universal Studios Orlando "You get an idea of ​​how the major Hollywood movies are made. Let yourself in the magical world of Harry Potter seduce or discovered the unique New York with the Blues Brothers. No matter for what movies you decide you will blissfully as felt movie stars again... Read More
  • Black Grouper: Game fish from the depths

    Black Grouper1 The black grouper (english Black Grouper) is a saltwater fish of the family Serranidae and an excellent food fish. He has an elongated, strong and cylindrically extending body. Its color varies from gray to olivgrünlich. The upper body is usually mamoriert dark gray to dark brown. The segments appear rectangular and are in the... Read More
  • Siesta Key: White as sugar and fine as flour

    siestakey1 The Siesta Key Beach near Sarasota is a beach of superlatives, which once again tops the criterion "sugar sand" because the much finer medium flour is it more justice. Something must be in the sand, which makes it nice and cool compared to other places. No wonder that he in... Read More
  • Legoland Florida: Land of colored bricks

    Legoland0 About an hour southwest of Orlando lies " Legoland Florida "In Winter Haven. The amusement park has been created from the former Cypress Gardens and is the world's largest Legoland amusement park. opened 2011 Legoland covers an area of ​​hectares 60, 14 offer about rides and attractions on the 50 topics.... Read More
  • Dr. John Gorrie and the ice machine

    gorriehouse Who wants to know whom he owes the indispensable in Florida air-conditioning systems, can in Apalachicola inform in Gorrie House Museum. From 1803 1855 to the doctor lived Dr. John Gorrie in this house. In order to provide patients with yellow fever cooling, he developed an ice machine, in which he... Read More
  • Seaside: In the footsteps of the Truman Show

    Seaside1 Kind? Pretty? The small town of Seaside on the Emerald Coast is No really cute in Panhandle. The holiday village from the retort served as a filming location 1998 the Truman Show. We remember still well to the regular morning unforgettable set of Truman Burbank, alias Jim Carrey: "Good morning. Oh, and if we... Read More
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Emigration to Florida

  • L or E visa?
  • Green Card
  • The American
  • mailboxes
  • Christmas

Florido Info After the decision has been taken, is for business to settle in the United States, there is often the question of what is the appropriate visa: the L-1A displacement Visa or E-2 Investment Visa. Which of the two visas offer the best way depends on the individual case. When L-1A visa, the applicant should be in about

... Read More

greencard Many roads lead to Rome: for emigrants the coveted green card is the target at the end of a long and often arduous process. Below six ways to show how a potential immigrant to highly anticipated "Green Card" comes, including marriage, family reunification, jobs or investments.

... Read More
the American "Personally, I feel very comfortable here. For me, outweigh the positive things for which I take the negative aspects into account. This decision must each take for themselves ", says Monika Wilson, your characters immigrant in the United States in the years 1990. Their experiences they are below you. What... Read More
briefkästen2 Not only that, there are incredibly beautiful mailboxes in Florida, but also the function Pennant behind this is very gratifying. First, think of the emigrants that when the flag is up, Post has been inserted. But far from it. Whoever thinks because already in mind that the "postman" in the form of a postal cars not only... Read More
weihnachten1 Florida and Christmas is like summer vacation and snow? Not even close. Although here the Christmas lights hung rather over palm trees instead of pine trees, it is quite Christmassy to the Sunshine State. Especially when it is evening and the lights come on, come on Christmas spirit. Because the lights in some places invites you to... Read More

Investing in Florida

  • Business creation
  • The broker system
  • property

warumflorida For vacationers Florida has always been a dream destination. But what does this mean for business owners? How can I protect against failure and minimizes the "training money", which is usually obtained inevitable with new beginnings? The answer is: It depends on that to find the right consultant. The paper will give a small Ersteinblick:

... Read More

estate agents Again and again the question arises, how many agents should work together usefully. The answer is quite simple: a. Because this is a perfectly adequate, since he has access to all property offered for sale. Here the broker and real estate system differs drastically from that in Germany. Of the

... Read More
ask catalog Be honest: Have you not thought, is to purchase a Property in Florida and to fulfill the dream of owning a holiday home? Or have you been living here and do not want to be just like that "pass" to the low interest rates? Anyway throw those thoughts many questions... Read More

Construction Report

  • Septic
  • Fountain
  • Sanitary
  • Air conditioning
  • Electrical
  • Windows and exterior doors
  • roof
  • ring anchor
  • outer walls
  • piping
  • foundation wall

Septic1 Florido builders small 1. October 2016

In front of the house the septic system will be created. This will cleanse our wastewater for the next few years and return it to Mother Nature. Countless microbacteria play brownies here and decompose the dirt particles. First of all, we never wanted to build a house in this area, because we absolutely wanted the town water

... Read More

Florido builders small 13. September 2016

Our house is built in the northwest of Cape Coral and there is still no urban water. So our house water supply is made available via a so-called well and septic system. First of all, you need the well that is being drilled today:

... Read More

sanität0 Florido builders small 10. September 2016

The clamps were easily overstrained with our demands. They have never cultivated such a German wall-block, nor wanted to learn it. So our builder took it into his own hands. He, too, has never done it wrong. But later on

... Read More

Elektrik10 26. August 2016

Because we find it somewhat unreasonable and wasteful to cool down the whole house to a temperature, we had already asked in the first planning phase for various house builders whether, if so, how is it possible to get at least a two-zone cooling. The opinions differed.

... Read More

Elektrik0 4. September 2016

The German installers would surely welcome it if they could do without the difficult slitting of the walls. Here in America, it is so easy to install any kind of pipes or pipes. They are simply installed in the wooden stands of walls and roof. The three trades plumbing,

... Read More

fenster1 August to September 2016

We are in the largest construction phase, which ends with the so-called "Frame Rough" inspection. What is meant by this is all woodwork, such as the roof and walls, as well as the associated fittings such as windows and doors and plumbing. This does not include the installation of the so - called sliding glass doors (sliding doors in the

... Read More
4. to 5. August 2016

For the erection of the roof structure comes first and last times a crane is used. It as if the carpenters the precut woods like together piece by piece in a puzzle appears. A little acrobatics here are needed, because no one is somehow saved here.

... Read More
Florido builders small 28. July 2016

The creation of Tie Beams (ring beam) is a much more complicated matter than you could imagine that as a layman. When we asked our builder how long alone casting the tie beams would probably take, he replied "4 hours". We talked for quite excessive. But this estimate... Read More
outside Walls0 25. to 26. June 2016

The long-awaited walls of the outer walls begins. So far, everything was just foreplay. But if the outer walls are highly brick, then the structure gets the impression of a house for the first time. Here we go! The walls are directly on the previously cast base from 40 20 x cm hollow bricks... Read More
plumbing1 Florido builders small 23. to 27. May 2016

Next, the water supply and drainage pipes are laid, which are cast later in the base plate. Here in the northwest there is still no municipal water, so that we realize our water supply through a corrugated and Septikanlage. At least now you have to know exactly where a toilet, sink etc.... Read More
Stemwall1 Florido builders small 10. May 2016

The basic rule for a lying in the flood zone land as our higher the base plate is in relation to the Base Flood Elevation, the cheaper the flood insurance. This fact as well as the height of the neighboring house have to be considered when determining the amount of the base plate.... Read More

Florida-Scout TV

  • Gulf Islands National Seashore
  • Christmas Show
  • Fort Myers
  • Gasparilla Island
  • Saint Augustine
  • Anna Maria Iceland
Keep the air on our trip across Santa Rosa Iceland and through the Gulf Islands National Seashore in Panhandle. This coastal landscape is second to none. Fine white quartz sand is everywhere you look umrahnt from the blue sky and the crystal clear emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Hardly a soul bothers one in this natural spectacle.
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This Christmas show by Planet Monkman we have seen in Cape Coral. The facts on this: An hour music show with 150.000 lights that are powered by a 22-mile line with current. Amazing!

Read More

In Fort Myers Beach, all come into their own: the water sports enthusiasts, the sun lovers and the romantics. Accompanied us on our trip through Fort Myers Beach.

Read More

The toll to get to the island worthwhile, not least to shoot postcard views at the end of the island. Ride with us on the island:

Read More
How it all began: Jon Burpee, Chief of Interpretation, Castillo de San Marcos and Fort Matanzas, tells the story of the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine:

Read More
On our short tour of Anna Maria Iceland you experience the cozy island with its beautiful beaches. Here there is neither skyscrapers nor mass tourism and hardly chain restaurants:

Read More

Florida Videos

Florida - Peninsula in the turquoise waters part 1


Florida - Peninsula in the turquoise waters part 2
Do, Jan 17, 2019


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