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Florida Active:

  • Water sports
  • extensively shopping
  • go to the museum
  • Discover fauna and flora
  • Fishing from the pier or boat
  • Building sand castles
  • deal with Florida's history
  • admire the local art

Florida Active:

  • Water sports
  • extensively shopping
  • go to the museum
  • Fauna and flora to discover,
  • Fishing from the pier or boat
  • Building sand castles
  • Explore History
  • native art

Natural Park - explore the water and on land

  • Ding Darling
  • Rotary Park
  • St. George Iceland
  • Everglades
  • Everglades
  • Gasparilla Island
  • St. Andrews State RA

ding darling1On about 2000 hectares and thus about about a third of Sanibel Island extends the "thing" Darling National Wildlife Refuge. This can be explored in different ways: by bike, car, tram, kayak or by pedes. Each of these means of transportation has its own charm. Everyone has one thing in common: pure nature.

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rotary3In the heart of Cape Coral is the Rotary Park - a place of rest in the domestic flora and fauna. Here you can very relaxed for a walk - assuming it is not too hot. A few park benches on the individual trails invite you to linger. Read More
stgeorgeisland1The St. George Iceland State Park offer 15 kilometers of undeveloped beaches of the finest surrounded by beautiful Dünenlanschaft. It is located on the eponymous island of dunes and after crossing the bridge of Apalachicola Coming on the left to find abbiegend. Before it can go in the park at one of the beaches well really, you should safely leave nor the right to enjoy the built-up part of the island. Read More

Everglades np1The largest subtropical moisture area of ​​North America and a unique natural spectacle is a sixty-kilometer-wide and only fifteen centimeters deep river that slowly and hardly recognizable movement in only one meter per hour more to himself than wasting that it flows and flows. The Everglades, consisting of Ever (vastness) and -glades (lined with grasses and rushes open spaces) are also called grass river. The area of ​​the marshland stretches from Lake Okeechobee in the north to the Thousand Islands in the South Then.

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Everglades np2The marshes of the Everglades, which are interspersed repeatedly by small islands of forest and surrounded by natural channels, is considered one of the world's most endangered ecosystems. About half of the original area of ​​the Everglades is now used for agriculture, the other half belongs mostly to the National Park and the adjacent conservation areas.

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gasparillastateparkThe Gaspailla Iceland State Park is 51 1983 hectares and was established. On the offshore island coast there is little traffic, this two beautiful beaches: the "Sea Grape" and "Range Light", which is the more southerly of the two nicer of. There are also two picnic areas. Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, fishing and nature are the main activities that take place here.

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standrews1Who the contrasting wild Panama City Beach searches, is right here in the St. Andrews State Recreation Area. The five-square-kilometer nature park offers camping facilities, beaches, nature trails and plenty of wildlife such as alligators, sea birds, snakes and even foxes and coyotes. Just offshore invites Shell Iceland for a clam digging. Read More

Attractions - something for everyone here

  • Imaginarium Science Center
  • Historic Pensacola Village
  • Little White House
  • Art Deco
  • Edison and Ford
  • Truman Seaside
imaginariumOn a rainy day in Fort Myers is suitable for families with children visit the Imaginarium Science Center. Here science is clearly based on over 60 exhibits and shown to be touched. Especially small meteorologists and budding tropical keepers get their money. Read More
historicpensacola2And suddenly you stand in the middle: The historic Pensacola Village is barely distinguishable from the bounding City, not the well-preserved collection of buildings that can be a plunge into the past would be there. Otherwise you can illuster walk through time. Only if you want to see the often converted into museums houses, it costs an inlet, which is connected to a two-hour tour. Read More
Little White HouseAt the winter seat of President Harry S. Truman important decisions of the American post-war history were hit once. Therefore, the visit of the only former president seat in Florida is such an exciting journey into the postwar America. In the years 40er-earth-shaking decisions were taken in this house many times. The Winter House was the residence of President Harry S. Truman during 175 days. Since 1991 informed the Little White House of Harry S. Truman as a museum. It attracts visitors from around the world who are interested in the story of the courageous President of the United States. Read More

 Art DecoIn Art Deco design most immediately think of the architectural special, beautiful colorful hotels in Miami Beach, like pearls on a string particularly on Ocean Drive to - the promenade of Miami Beach - line up. It is a movement in the history of design, the shape of objects of all areas of life from clothes included in the years between 1920 1940 and up to cars and has its origins in Europe.

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Edison3The most important attraction in Fort Myers is the 5,7 ha² large former estate of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. At the Edison and Ford Winter Estates are two of the greatest inventors of 20. Century spent with their families during the winter months in the warm Florida sun. Thomas Edison was one of the best friends of the automobile manufacturer Henry Ford and here in Fort Myers its neighbor. Read More
Seaside1Kind? Pretty? The small town of Seaside on the Emerald Coast is No really cute in Panhandle. The holiday village from the retort served as a filming location 1998 the Truman Show. We remember still well to the regular morning unforgettable set of Truman Burbank, alias Jim Carrey: "Good morning. Oh, and if we should not see each other again, good afternoon, good evening and good night! " Read More

Fishing - with and without boats or tour

  • In Islamorada, the world revolves around fishing
Islamorada Islamorada called not otherwise "Sportfishing Capital often the Word". Here seems to turn almost exclusively to the sought-after catch of the day the world. But fishing is also not as easy as it seems. If you drive with a fishing just a piece of the boat out of the Atlantic, you get though - assuming you know... Read More

Beaches - one better than the other

  • Anna Maria Iceland
  • Siesta Key
  • Sanibel
  • Fort Myers
  • Bonita Springs
  • Islamorada
  • Englewood

Coquina Beach1If you drive from Bradenton on the 64 over the bridge on Anna Maria Island you are tempted to turn right and head towards Bean Point. At the northern end of the island it is also breathtakingly beautiful, but the parking lots are unfortunately lackware. The Coquina Beach at the southern tip is in its size at least in Florida hard to beat.

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siestakey1The Siesta Key Beach near Sarasota is a beach of superlatives, which once again tops the criterion "sugar sand" because the much finer medium flour is it more justice. Something must be in the sand, which makes it nice and cool compared to other places. No wonder that he is in this year among the ten best beaches in the United States space 2. Read More

sanibelstrand2At Sanibel there are two Public Beaches that are beautiful no doubt both and thus the assessment should ultimately be the sense of the viewer: the beautiful Lighthouse Beach in the south of the island versus the more famous Bowman's Beach in the north. To get to the island, you have but only a "Wegzoll" when crossing the bridge of 6 pay USD and also the parking is not free. For compensate 2 USD per hour for the white sand, the turquoise sea and the most - when you run a little further is willing - even relative emptiness.

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fort-myers-beach1The white powdery sand trickles softly through the fingers. The waves adapt and dabble a bit in front of him. To fall asleep beautiful the Fort Myers beach is about a mile north of Lynn Hall Memorial Park. It is decorated with grasses and broad, very flat and therefore well suited for small children. Those looking for the rough sea, is out of place here. Especially at low tide you have to walk very far out to be completely under water. The romantics, however, is right here.

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Barfoot BeachOne of the most beautiful beaches on Florida's southwest coast is perhaps even a small tip. One does not necessarily equal discovered him in his first trip, because it is hidden behind an elite residential area of ​​Bonita Springs Barefoot Beach State Preserve. At the entrance of Barefoot Beach State Preserves 8 USD required entry. This issue is worth, not least when compared to the same to higher parking fees on Fort Meyers Beach. Read More
Anne BeachOne of the best beaches in Islamorada is located of Anne's Beach on Lower Matecumbe Key Just off the Overseas Highway MM 73.4. At low tide the sand is transformed into a clear strip of water with tidal pools. Hammocks and creeks seem to a green tunnel. Children love the play and missed the mud. The shallow water is also good for the kids to swim. Read More
englewoodbeach2The Englewood Beach on Manasota Key is well suited for a swimming day with young children. The beach has a kind Sundeck, as you know from pools ago. With multiple levels the youngest and children can splash around on a wide strip from their perspective around in the water according to your mood. For adults it is a few meters then deep into the water, so that everyone gets their money. Read More

Parks not only for the little ones

  • Legoland
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Epcot
  • Walt Disney World Resort
  • Magic Kingdom
  • Venetian Pool
Legoland0About an hour southwest of Orlando lies "Legoland Florida"In Winter Haven. The amusement park has been created from the former Cypress Gardens and is the world's largest Legoland amusement park. opened 2011 Legoland covers an area of ​​hectares 60, 14 offer about rides and attractions on the 50 topics. Read More
animal3As a theme park, zoo, safari and Disneyland simultaneously excited "Disney's Animal Kingdom" all animal lovers and those who are here certainly. In the animal kingdom, more than 200 different animal species can be admired. Numerous attractions on offer in seven thematic areas, which thematically based more or less on the continents. Read More
Epcot1 " Epcot "Will be a hint for new ideas and technologies that happening right now in the creative minds within the American industry. This society of tomorrow will never be finished but constantly trying new technologies and systems. The flagship project for the inventiveness and the free American economy : So the thought once Walt Disney in his vision, but it should... Read More
disney world1 Walt Disney once said, "Here in Florida, there is something that we had in Disneyland (on the west coast) Never. We are here blessed with plenty of space. The country is so far, that all our ideas and concepts can be accommodated ". And in fact, Disney World is so incredibly large that when driving on major highways... Read More
Florido Tip Anyone who has visited the "Magic Kingdom Park", can once again - and quite openly - revel in the memories of his childhood. The large, bright eyes of their own children reinforce this feeling many times and in the evening is in all exhaustion firmly: That was a fabulous day. The most popular park of Disney World Resorts opened 1971 and pulls... Read More
venetionpool1Probably the most beautiful public swimming pool can be found in Coral Gables: The Venetian Pool impresses at first glance with its emerald green water. In many more glances he recalls Italy, a romantic grotto, roaring waterfalls, palm grove, to Venice itself and you feel transported back to centuries. Read More

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