Florida travel guide

Fishing is popular sport No. 1 in Sunshinestate

angeln3Fishing in Florida belongs to the country as hiking to the Bavarian Forest. There is an incredible variety of fish species in the Sunshine State. No matter if you start on the Florida Key island of Islamorada, whose inhabitants call themselves "The Sport Fishing Capital of the World", or launch your fishing rod in the panhandle on a lonely fishing pier in the north for the first time: you will become fish too Patience, equipment and the right hot spot.

Florido License2Fishing in Florida is actually quite simple. You do not need a fishing license, you just have to get a fishing license. These can be found in most Walmart supermarkets, in the Bass Pro shops, in Baits and Tackle shops or by calling 347-4356. Those who are caught and caught without a license must expect a high penalty.
Blue Marlin sheepshead1 snook Red Snapper Black Grouper1
Black Grouper1The Black Grouper is a Saltwater fish of the Sawfish family and an excellent food fish. He has an elongated, strong and cylindrical body. Its color varies from gray to olive-green. The upper body is usually dark gray to dark brown marbled. The segments appear rectangular and are lighter in the middle.
Blue MarlinThe large predatory fish Blue Marlin belongs to the spearfish family and lives in the open sea of ​​the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific. He rarely approaches the coasts. The German Blue Marlin has an elongated, laterally slightly flattened body with a long sword. It is bound by most spearfishes most to the tropical climate. However, the blue fish can heat up the eyes and brain so that it can cope even in cooler waters under 21 ° C.
Red SnapperThe Red Snapper - also known as Northern Snapper, belongs to the large fish family of the Lutjanids, which occur in virtually all subtropical seas such as in the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic coast of the USA north to Massachusetts. Snapper belong to the very species-rich order of the perch. The "Red Snapper" are predators and like all snappers reef dwellers.
sheepsheadThe Sheepshead is a species of bream that swims in the 20 to 28 ° C warm coastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the Western Atlantic, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. The saltwater fish are found in areas with rocky soil, docks, bridges, piles, artificial reefs and mangroves.
snookThe Snook floats in the coastal waters of the east and west coasts of Florida, the coast of Texas and the south to Brazil. It is first and foremost a saltwater species, but also occurs in coastal freshwater and brackish water. The Snook is a genus of real perch.