Florida travel guide

Fishing is popular sport No. 1 in Sunshinestate

Florido License2Fishing in Florida is actually quite simple. You do not need a fishing license, you just have to get a fishing license. These can be found in most Walmart supermarkets, in the Bass Pro shops, in Baits and Tackle shops or by calling 347-4356. Those who are caught and caught without a license must expect a high penalty.

Differences in saltwater license and freshwater license. If you want to fish in both areas, you need both licenses or a combined license. If you fish with a saltwater license and catch a freshwater fish in a saltwater or mixed water area, you must immediately release it. Only people on a boat who actually fish need a license. Even those who only "catch and release" operate requires a license. For Floida Residents, there is a combo license for fishing in both types of waters, for the tourist unfortunately not.

Here are some excerpts:

Nonresident (visitor) year license Freshwater (fresh water) 47 USD
Nonresident year license Saltwater 47 USD
Nonresident 3 day license Freshwater 17 USD
Nonresident 3 day license Saltwater 17 USD
Nonresident 7 day license Freshwater 30 USD
Nonresident 7 day license Saltwater 30 USD
Resident year license Freshwater 17 USD
R year license Freshwater-Saltwater Combo 32.50 USD

All fees and further information about fishing licenses and rules can be found here: http://myfwc.com/license, It does not hurt that you take a look, because ignorance does not protect in Florida from punishment.