Florida travel guide

Fishing is popular sport No. 1 in Sunshinestate

angeln3Fishing in Florida belongs to the country as hiking to the Bavarian Forest. There is an incredible variety of fish species in the Sunshine State. No matter if you start on the Florida Key island of Islamorada, whose inhabitants call themselves "The Sport Fishing Capital of the World", or launch your fishing rod in the panhandle on a lonely fishing pier in the north for the first time: you will become fish too Patience, equipment and the right hot spot.

Angel license and regional fish skills

For fishing you do not need a fishing license as is necessary in Germany. However, you have to buy a so-called fishing license, which is available for example in Walmart or in most fishing. For example, this costs 2012 days for 3 days 17 days, 7 days 30 $, and 47 $ for a full year, for saltwater fishing. The US distinguishes saltwater and freshwater licenses, which is exactly what should be explained when acquiring the license. For example, for the fishing on the Caloosahatchee River between Cape Coral and Fort Myers the salt water license is sufficient. There are also various regulations that must be followed. So you can catch fish only from a certain size, you have to know of course. There is very good map material for this, which also describes the hot spots with, so that one spends these few dollars wisely and also does something for the remembrance or the next Uralub.

Fishing equipment as far as the eye can see

angeln2There are very small "baits and tackle" shops and big ones where you can stock up on fishing gear. If you are a fishing fan and have never seen a very big Bass Pro Shop from the inside, then you should catch up. It comes with the unimaginably large supply of fishing equipment out of amazement and certainly not from the store. Because which of the felt 685 hooks will probably be the most effective, fits my newly selected bait and even more to the already favored and unbeatable fishing rod sales offer. Shelvings line shelves and be sure: If you want to keep an eye on "front", and you intend to return later, after looking at the rest, you either will not find it or you will not with awe of all their concentration again. At least then, if you do not succeed, you should ask one of the nice "Guys", tell him your plans and put things together. After that, do not fret about the hours that have passed during this shopping ceremony, because it's an experience that you'll like to tell about at home after your vacation.

Fishing Hot Spots

Finding the right place, especially on the water, is a hit and miss for Florida beginners. Sure, you get a few tips at the store where you buy your baits, but do not be disappointed if you go there and do not see any fish. If you have no experience, look for other boats or join the local anglers on the pier. If you rent a boat, it makes sense that this is equipped with a "fish finder", but again, if the fish are already there, the equipment must be right, but if they do not bite, just look forward to a relaxed Day under the Florida sun When you catch a fish, there are some restaurants that will gladly make you fish.

Fishing with the boat on the water

Guided fishing trips for two or with many

angeln1There are many providers for fishing trips. The most sustainable and intense experience is of course the private fishing trip. Here comes the captain with his fishing boat and hundreds of live baits, with fishing, drinks and his insider knowledge that only belongs to you. Then he prepares the fish ready to cook and incidentally, you get to know a local closer. However, this is very expensive, we recommend a three quarter day to book, because you have enough time to get to know the "fish technical" environment better. The whole thing you get to about 450 $. For example, you can search for another pair, then the price is halved and still very private. Forums there are a few - even with us. Maybe you are lucky and find another prospective customer.

For the small purse there are fishing trips in the group. You get that for a fraction of the above price. We are aware of 25 $ hold prices and 40 $ full-day prices. The content of such a fishing trip is then quite different. Here you should look at the individual pages or inquire locally.

Whichever tour size you choose, there are also individual topics, such as deep-sea fishing, offshore fishing, inshore fishing, tarpon fishing, night fishing etc.