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Florido Info After the decision has been taken, is for business to settle in the United States, there is often the question of what is the appropriate visa: the L-1A displacement Visa or E-2 Investment Visa. Which of the two visas offer the best way depends on the individual case. When L-1A visa, the applicant should be in about

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greencard Many roads lead to Rome: for emigrants the coveted green card is the target at the end of a long and often arduous process. Below six ways to show how a potential immigrant to highly anticipated "Green Card" comes, including marriage, family reunification, jobs or investments.

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the American "Personally, I feel very well here. For me, the positive things outweigh the negative aspects for which I accept. Everyone has to make that decision for themselves, "says Monika Wilson (†), your immigrant immigrant to the US in the year 1990. She will gladly pass on her experience below. What

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briefkästen2 Not only that, there are incredibly beautiful mailboxes in Florida, but also the function Pennant behind this is very gratifying. First, think of the emigrants that when the flag is up, Post has been inserted. But far from it. Whoever thinks because already in mind that the "postman" in the form of a postal cars not only... Read More
weihnachten1 Florida and Christmas is like summer vacation and snow? Not even close. Although here the Christmas lights hung rather over palm trees instead of pine trees, it is quite Christmassy to the Sunshine State. Especially when it is evening and the lights come on, come on Christmas spirit. Because the lights in some places invites you to... Read More

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