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Construction report from Cape Coral: tips and experiences

wallpaperDecember 2016 until January 2017

Our grandchildren are probably wondering what that is, a wallpaper. We revive this wall cladding and bring us the beach, the live oaks and the holiday feeling in the house. We did the wallpapering myself - it was not that easy. In particular, the right choice to make, has taken us very busy. Probably the one who deals here with Photoshop and so can sinulate the individual rooms (picture left).

to dye4. November 2016

If you think that professionals paint an entire house in two or three days, then unfortunately this does not apply to our "Superpainter". The whole painting has been going on for weeks. Why? Amateurs on the one hand, special wishes on the other. But from the beginning:

Putz18. October 2016

Parallel to the dry farmers came the plasterers, who first created the exterior plaster. We originally wanted a smooth finish to the modern house. But that should have cost unbelievable 5000 USD more. In retrospect, we have learned that a smooth exterior finish is a great challenge for the often unskilled craftsmen, which can then also be of high quality.

drywallFlorido construction worker small18. October 2016

After the wall construction is completed with the plasterboard, the joints and gaps are closed. To do this, the plasterer stilts lay on, so they do not constantly climb the ladder up and down the high walls and can move flexibly through the rooms. Within a few days the house looks quite comfortable.

drywall012. October 2016

After insulation, the drywall begins. Plasterboard panels are cut and cut out. They gradually make a room from the former ground plan. This wall structure has a lot of its own: it is very easy to hang cables anywhere, hang pictures or move walls in old buildings.

insolationFlorido construction worker small8. October 2016

On our question, what comes between the woods that represent the walls, our builder looked at us a bit puzzled: "Nothing. The walls are closed hollow, you can not see anymore ". OK, well, and what about the noise from the neighboring rooms?

septicFlorido construction worker small1. October 2016

In front of the house the septic system will be created. This will cleanse our wastewater for the next few years and return it to Mother Nature. Countless microbacteria play brownies here and decompose the dirt particles. First, we never wanted to build a house in this area, because we wanted to be connected to the city water.

Florido construction worker small13. September 2016

Our house is built in the northwest of Cape Coral and there is no town water yet. So our house water supply is provided by a so-called Well and Septicsystem. For this it first needs the well (Well), which is drilled today:

toiletFlorido construction worker small10. September 2016

The plumbers were easily overwhelmed with our requirements. They have never grown such a German wall-hung toilet and did not want to learn it either. So our builder took it into his own hands. He has never done it and so wrong. But more on that later in the construction report.

Electrical4. September 2016

The German installers would certainly welcome it, if they could do without the laborious slitting of the walls. Here in America it is so easy to lay any kind of pipes or pipes. They are simply mounted in the wooden stand of walls and roof. The three trades sanitary, air conditioning and electrical work now at the same time and things are progressing well on the construction.