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Construction report from Cape Coral: tips and experiences

Electrical4. September 2016

The German installers would certainly welcome it, if they could do without the laborious slitting of the walls. Here in America it is so easy to lay any kind of pipes or pipes. They are simply mounted in the wooden stand of walls and roof. The three trades sanitary, air conditioning and electrical work now at the same time and things are progressing well on the construction.

The lighting in Florida's homes consists of about 80% of recessed ceiling spotlights and lamps integrated into fans. Of course that's great because the fans do two things: light and air. And the integrated ceiling spotlights just look great. We ordered an upgrade here because we only wanted LEDs and these in an 4 inch version and not in the bulky 6 Inch standard version from our point of view. In addition, the electricians lay all the other cables required for building services - easily laid over the roof beams and fastened to the wooden stands.