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Construction report from Cape Coral: tips and experiences

toiletFlorido construction worker small10. September 2016

The plumbers were easily overwhelmed with our requirements. They have never grown such a German wall-hung toilet and did not want to learn it either. So our builder took it into his own hands. He has never done it and so wrong. But more on that later in the construction report.

In any case, the installers distinguish their water pipes here in red and blue - red for warm, blue for cold - how could it be otherwise. Due to the climatic conditions, you do not need to insulate the line for hot water, as in Germany, so that both lines are the same and differ only in color. We actually wanted a manabloc system so we would not have to wait that long each morning for the warm water from the instantaneous heater from the faraway garage. Unfortunately we successfully talked that out. And so we wait every morning for a long time for the warm water from the far away garage. If you do not want that, you should definitely find a different solution than the traditional one.

After the trades: roof truss, wooden stud walls, electrics, air conditioning, plumber it's time for the big permit "Frame Rough".