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Construction report from Cape Coral: tips and experiences

Florido construction worker small13. September 2016

Our house is built in the northwest of Cape Coral and there is no town water yet. So our house water supply is provided by a so-called Well and Septicsystem. For this it first needs the well (Well), which is drilled today:

The city water in our tenement is so lime, that every four weeks the sieve of the dishwasher no longer recognizes under the lime that has deposited. So we're more pleased to get our own well. Unfortunately, this advantage will not last long, because in a few years, Cape Coral will also install the city water here. Then all in-house systems are switched off and the sewage treatment plant (Septic) even broken. The cost of their installation will not be replaced, but has been partially amortized to the extent of the cost of water. In return, you can then pay thousands of dollars for the city water installation. Not nice, but you know that when you move to the northwest.


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Septic plant at the end of the house water cycle

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