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Construction report from Cape Coral: tips and experiences

insolationFlorido construction worker small8. October 2016

On our question, what comes between the woods that represent the walls, our builder looked at us a bit puzzled: "Nothing. The walls are closed hollow, you can not see anymore ". OK, well, and what about the noise from the neighboring rooms?

Without further ado, we decided to upgrade to 580 USD and have these walls insulated. After all, we do not necessarily want to hear everything that happens in the neighboring rooms. It is in hindsight still very noisy. Not to imagine how it would have been, we would have renounced the isolation.

The ceilings are insulated by default, but the roof is usually not, although we will make this later in addition. Since no reinforced concrete is used in the ceilings as in Germany, this insulation keeps the heat away from the roof truss. The warm air created in the roof truss is dissipated by venting upwards through appropriate venting attachments (ridge vents). Through the perforated sheets (Soffits) around the house air flows into the roof and thus one gets a ventilated roof truss. ,