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Construction report from Cape Coral: tips and experiences

to dye4. November 2016

If you think that professionals paint an entire house in two or three days, then unfortunately this does not apply to our "Superpainter". The whole painting has been going on for weeks. Why? Amateurs on the one hand, special wishes on the other. But from the beginning:

We wanted to give our house a little beach feeling with the colors, the floors, the furniture and the decoration of course. It should not be cheesy, but still reflect the region and the holiday feeling. So we had turquoise for the sea, yellow for the sun, blue for the sky and sandy for the beach (later in the floors) in the head.

We went to the retailer and let us fill several small paint pots with possible colors. Nowadays you do not need to mix yourself anymore, the suppliers have so many color shades, there is certainly the desired sound. But how does he work on the wall? I think that the color of a room is half the battle. If you have chosen the right one, it is much easier to choose everything else around it. I want to say: Color is very important to me! And so we painted different spots with different color samples and came slowly but surely to a result.

Unfortunately, I can not show any pictures of the finished result because, as I said, it took a long time and I would otherwise anticipate subsequent work. The problem for our (a) painter was the different wall colors in the individual rooms - all under a white ceiling. This is very unusual and caused some problems for our specialists. The primer was applied with the spray gun. That's what you wanted to do with the other colors: No way! And how to paint the transitions, for example, from the yellow wall to the white ceiling: No plan! So I slipped into the painter's coat myself and showed it to the professional. However, he could not remember the sequence and was struggling. The end of the song, I painted all transitions myself and the Superpainter then took the role. Even after we moved in I was on the mending, but the colors themselves are the hammer in our view.