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Construction report from Cape Coral: tips and experiences

climate26. August 2016

Because we find it a bit unreasonable and wasteful to cool down the whole house to a temperature, we asked in the first planning phase at various construction companies whether and if so how it is possible to get at least a two-zone cooling. Here opinions differed.

windowAugust to September 2016

We are in the largest phase of construction, ending with the so-called "frame rough" inspection. This refers to all woodwork such as attic and walls as well as the associated fixtures such as windows and doors and plumbing. Not included is the installation of the so-called sliding glass doors (sliding doors in the terrace area). They may even be installed after the inspection.

Florido Construction Worker aggravates 1summer 2017

Maybe some have wondered why our construction report does not go on. The answer is simple: too much trouble with our contractor, no more fun building a house and also a bit worried how the whole thing will end in a strange country with a strange mentality. Meanwhile, we moved into our house

Framing21. August 2016

The next stage of construction is the so-called framing. This setting up of walls takes only one day. While one stone walled in Germany, here in Florida a few woods enough to divide a whole house into its premises. You can also make the walls in metal, which looks more robust. But honestly, wood is the more natural material.

plywood0Florido construction worker small10. August 2016

A lot of minor work is needed to finish the roof truss. It is sawn and nailed and hammered that one thinks more often than usual of the poor neighbors. From now on, you increasingly get the feeling that you are in a house, because it is visually at least too. But the house is still not tight, it rains a lot in August and we wait for the sealing and together with the windows on their installation.
4. to 5. August 2016

For the erection of the roof truss, a crane is used for the first and last time. It seems as if the carpenters piece together the pre-cut timbers as if in a puzzle. A little acrobatics is needed here, because no one is somehow secured here.

Florido construction worker small28. July 2016

The creation of the tie beam (ring anchor) is a much more complicated matter than one imagines as a layman. When we asked our builder how long alone the casting of the Tie Beam would take, he replied "4 hours". We thought that was a big deal. But this estimate was not even enough.

Outside Walls025. to 26. June 2016

The long-awaited walls of the outer walls begins. So far everything was just foreplay. But if the outer walls are bricked up, then the structure gets the appearance of a house for the first time. Here we go! The walls are bricked directly onto the previously cast base of 40 x 20 cm large hollow bricks. They must each be placed on the reinforcing bars, if any.
21th of June 2016

When the floor slab is poured, the foundation works are finally completed and walls can be raised. See how the floor slab of a new family house is being poured in Florida. It is a small spectacle.

before slab1Florido construction worker small12. to 14. June 2016

After removal of the pipe laying in the ground, the foundation is sprinkled with sand, which is compacted by means of vibrating plate. Now it's time for the inspector to do a compaction test. It measures whether the degree of compaction specified in the blueprint has been adhered to.