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Construction report from Cape Coral: tips and experiences

plumbing1Florido construction worker small23. to 27. May 2016

Next, the supply and sewage pipes are laid, which are later poured into the bottom plate. Here in the northwest, there is no urban water, so we realize our water supply via a well and septic system. At least now you have to know exactly where toilet, sink, etc. are attached later.
Stemwall1Florido construction worker small10. May 2016

Basically, with a plot lying in the flood zone like ours, the higher the floor slab is in relation to the base flood elevation, the better the flood insurance. This fact and the height of the neighboring house must be taken into account when determining the height of the floor slab.
foundation15. May 2016

After all the research, organization and planning, we finally start today. After the floor, on which the house is later to stand, was piled up to a predetermined level, the board is set up and the floor plan is sprayed on. It is an uplifting feeling when you finally see something and it is even as small as the orange line that illustrates our future dream house in its foundation.
Permitboard4. May 2016

After submitting the work plans to the city of Cape Coral, we were amazed at how quickly the building permit was issued. Usually it only takes about two weeks to get the building permit. Now we are only 31 inspections away from the feeder. Yes heard right: 31 construction sections are here only taken from the city before further may be built.
Kitchen hardware storeMarch 2016

The most difficult topic was probably the kitchen, because American kitchens are a bit old-fashioned in our eyes. Also, we are not so rustic characterized by lots of framing, earth tones, flourishes, etc. Modern house is looking for modern kitchen, preferably high gloss, but not white, because we already had a white kitchen in Germany. Even if the kitchen is installed last, we had the feeling early on that we should take care of it.
colorsession21Next important point is the Entrydoor (front door). Driving through the residential area of ​​Cape Coral you can see either all kinds of ornamental doors or, in modern houses, white glass doors with frames - always the same and mostly made of wood. With quirk doors are meant the different types of molding (profiles).
colorsession1March 2016

We experience a Colorsession of a completely different kind with our Builder, because he and we probably do not belong to the usual type of builder and builder. This has advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages are suspected during the selection procedure, while the advantages crystallized only afterwards. But let's start from the beginning:
architectFebruary 2016

As already mentioned, we wanted a real custom home and not just a house based on a slightly modified existing floor plan. This is due to two facts: Firstly, we have a not so common Pie Shaped Lot (cake pan), on the other hand, we need two offices instead of bedrooms and all regularly used rooms should be located overlooking the water.
builderteil3February 2016

We had a deja vu while we once again thought we had found the right contractor. Unfortunately, the broker had to make an appointment and he no longer had the opportunity to sign a contract that day. It does not matter, so we have a few more hours to think about it and sleep for a night. We should unfortunately pay, because the next day was completely different.
Floor Plan0December 2015 until January 2016

Back in Germany, we broke our heads, as we from the floor plan (l.), We did not like, but everything we wanted, our dream home. Because when we come back, we should meet the architect. In layman's terms, we create a sketch with pencil and paper in the style of our plan. For this we created a specification list so that we can convert the estimated offer into a contract as soon as possible.