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Construction report from Cape Coral: tips and experiences

14. to 18. December 2015

Building a seawall in the canals of Cape Coral is a must if you want to build a canal house in Florida. The film shows how Williamson & Sons built it. The pure construction takes 3 days. The workers have incredible skill in operating their machines.

Construction Report Builder1July to September 2015

Much is being built in Cape Coral - meanwhile a lot. 1069 Residential Homes new building applications were approved by the city in year 2015. There are a corresponding number of builders (building contractors) and a little more than 100 pieces. How can you find the right builder for anything in the world? Writing down the experience of searching for it alone puts you in the position of not knowing where to start.
title companyJuly 2015

So we have found our dream of a country. What's next? The contract goes to the Title Company. She executes the purchase in trust. For this purpose, it undertakes the so-called title search, regulates the transfer of money, the allocation of costs and prepares all documents. The brokers advise you to check the property at the same time, have a so-called survey, that is to carry out surveying and ask a builder whether the desired construction measures can be implemented on the property.
Construction Report Property22013 2015 to

The adventure of building a house begins with the land on which it is supposed to stand. The search for land was a tedious affair. It lasted almost two years. For the first time we got the idea to buy a property in Florida 2013. We were in Cape Coral again for a while and saw a new house being built after another. In addition, we found our accommodation costs in the cottage for a long time wasteful. On the other hand, at first glance, there seemed to be an unimaginable amount of land for little money.