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greencardMany roads lead to Rome: for emigrants the coveted green card is the target at the end of a long and often arduous process. Below six ways to show how a potential immigrant to highly anticipated "Green Card" comes, including marriage, family reunification, jobs or investments.

Marriage of a US citizen

A very common way to get a green card, is marrying a US citizen. However, this alone does not justify the stay. Only by applying the necessary immigration papers and an interview with a US immigration officials of the stay will be on a legal basis.

American children, parents, siblings

Other relationships can pave the way for a green card. It should be noted that there are often long waits for adult children and siblings to a Green Card number is issued. Because all green card categories are limited in number, with some exceptions: children under 21 years, spouse and parents.

Labor supply in a US company

Who is offered a job in an American company, which may also obtain a green card as a foreign worker. This rule applies only if the company can not find Americans who is qualified and willing to exercise the offered position and if the company can pay the prescribed average wage.

Special Abilities

Artists, athletes, scientists or highly qualified business people can obtain a Green Card without concrete job offer solely because of their special qualifications. This requires a detailed explanation of these skills and the benefits that the United States could have them.

EB-5-Investor Green Card

The investment of either a half a million or a million dollars must flow in very specific and government-approved projects or in the purchase or construction of a US company. The Green Card is issued initially for two years and only then approved without limit if you can prove that your investment has created jobs and stimulates the economy.

Green Card Lottery

Every year the raffle USA 55.000 Green Cards. Who will win, however, they do not get simply sent home by mail. First, a bureaucratic way must be followed again. It is important that the winners react quickly, because every year twice as many winners will be drawn as green cards actually exist.

This article does not constitute legal advice but is for general information.

The author Sabine Weyergraf has been transmitting a lawyer in the US state of New York and practiced in your own firm-Weyergraf Immigration, PA in Sarasota, Florida.

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