Florida travel guide

Living and working in Florida

briefkästen2Not only that, there are incredibly beautiful mailboxes in Florida, but also the function of the flag behind it is extremely pleasing. At first, the emigrant thinks that if the flag is up, mail has been thrown in. But far from it. After all, who thinks about the fact that the "postman" in the form of a postbus not only brings mail, but also takes it along?

the American"Personally, I feel very well here. For me, the positive things outweigh the negative aspects for which I accept. Everyone has to make that decision for themselves, "says Monika Wilson (†), your immigrant immigrant to the US in the year 1990. She will gladly pass on her experience below. What I particularly like here is the extremely pleasant work. Within a company you feel like a community and a big family and there is hardly any competition. Everyone helps everyone - as a matter of course and without making a fuss.

weihnachten1Florida and Christmas is like summer holidays and snow? Not even close. Even if the Christmas lights are hung over palm trees instead of fir trees, it's quite Christmas time in the Sunshine State. Especially when it is evening and the lights come on, Christmas mood comes up. Because the sea of ​​lights in some places invites you to marvel.
This Christmas show from Planet Monkman we saw in Cape Coral. The facts: One hour of music show with 150.000 lights powered by an 22 miles long line. Amazing!