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the American"Personally, I feel very comfortable here. For me, outweigh the positive things for which I take the negative aspects into account. This decision must each take for themselves ", says Monika Wilson, your characters immigrant in the United States in the years 1990. Their experiences they are below you. What I really like here is the very pleasant work. Within a company you feel as a community and as a big family, and there is hardly any competition. Everyone helps everyone - to make a matter of course and without fuss.

Envy lot and helpful cooperation

Outside the company, people tend to go to each other when they play against each other. They live by the motto: "I'm OK and you're OK." No one is trying to teach the others. Every human being is valuable regardless of social status. Is anybody rich, would you look for him or her. He drives a big car, which is regarded as nice but not as something special. Is someone poor - he is a human being like you and me. Or driving a car with an old dented, no wrinkles his nose. The garbage man is as important as the manager of a large company.

Disabled people of all ages are naturally with the community. Neighborly help is very important and taken for granted. For example, is asked to mow the lawn or to do a few errands of unemployed neighbors - for lack of time is understood. For this he is paid handsomely. So he does not have to be a present shameful but has to have a good feel for the received money doing something and not to stand as a loser.

Profit and foreign friendly

Almost all events here are used for charitable purposes. For example, find motorcycle tours take place for the benefit of a sick child in need of organ transplants. Or the people organizing a car show for the benefit of sick veterans and a dog walk is made for the shelter. In our company, we donate ten percent of all commissions for "Easter Seals" that allow sick children camps and vacations. All this is a matter of course here. New citizens find people interesting. You can not be regarded as an outsider, no matter whether. In the neighborhood, at work or at school Many supermarkets have here 24 hours, opened 7 days in the week - I find beautiful. But now to some prejudice:

Prejudice 1: The Americans are superficial - Right!

In many cases one finds fake friendliness as the service in the restaurant, or of sellers in the shops. But I as a customer is the fake friendliness prefer to meet as a muffle. In addition, I believe that in most cases, this friendliness is most people passed into flesh and blood, that it is to a certain extent also serious. I have many acquaintances and fewer friends: With them I feel nothing of this superficiality. True friends are here for each other.

Prejudice 2: The Americans have no food culture - Wrong!

There are not only the well-known fast food chains such as McDonalds or Perkins Family Restaurants such. But there are very good restaurants. Many Americans have European roots. Accordingly, there is also very good Italian, Greek, French, Japanese and German restaurants where one can certainly eat.

Prejudice 3: The Americans have no culture - Wrong!

Since I do not know where to start: The American culture is diverse and influenced by many immigrants and locals.

Prejudice 4: The Americans do not know their way around the world - partly true!

One day I asked, for example, a phone Fedex International Associate thereafter, which form should I fill for a package to Germany. Her answer: "Is Germany" overseas "? The news report here mainly about what is happening in the US and Canada a little. European coverage there only if there happened something unusual, for example, as Paul, the World Cup octopus died other serious things. Many here certainly do not know all the capitals in Europe or who is currently Chancellor in Germany. However, the United States is so large that the events fill here the program already. However, there are also pure news channels, where you can get a good overview of world events.

Prejudice 5: The school system in the US is bad - totally wrong!

The school system is very good here. My two children have passed through it from the kindergarten. My mother, her art teacher in Germany was totally amazed what the children were very early. Later, she was astonished that subject matter was treated here. The school system is certainly academically comparable to the in Germany. The organization of teaching at least here in SW Florida I felt better than in Germany. The children get here a general education, but also promoted according to their inclinations. If a child, for example, in mathematics, a rivet is available in English on the class average, it comes in a mathematical education class until it reaches the class average. In English, however, it comes in a special class, which promotes the child in this direction.

These children remain together in one class and are presented separately only in this particular weak or strong subjects and specifically promoted. Here in Florida, there is a centralized evaluation system, where children, teachers and schools are evaluated. Each school is to achieve good results anxious than ever to outperform the school, the more they will be encouraged by the state and receive additional funds.

In some high schools, children can learn a profession as veterinarian assistant. After high school, you can start right away with a veterinarian. Even university classes are already preferred in some high schools and so the children be saved later the basic courses at the university. The universities and colleges are very expensive and must be paid by the parents here. Some children get a scholarship. That gives it a lot easier than in Germany: A lot of companies, clubs, institutions and private citizens accept such grants, so that almost every child with reasonably good high school results to get the possibility of a scholarship. They can get government student funds, but they have to pay back later.

Prejudice 6: Social services and medical care are bad - partly true!

Well, that is certainly true, but not as bad as it is often portrayed. There are, of course, health insurance and even here the workers are mainly insured by the company. Since it also plays then no matter whether pre-existing conditions are present or not. The employee may also insure there the family. If you own, you have to assure itself of course, and since then medical history play a role.

My husband and I have to pay, for example. 480 USD a month for both of us together for health insurance. We have a deductible of 1000 USD a year, however, applicable only when we need to be hospitalized or require special tests. Doctor visits and "normal" tests are covered at no cost. However, none of us have pre-existing conditions. A colleague of mine has a man having a heart attack and they get insurance for him. However, it pays almost 1000 USD and has a deductible of 5000 USD per year.

Other social benefits, there are also, as unemployment benefits for up to 2 years, housing subsidies, food stamps and welfare. Not so much and comfortable as possible in Germany, but they are here. In addition, the Americans are very strong volunteers in numerous charities. I myself go, for example, with my dog ​​Ghia in death houses where we visit the sick. Our company subsidized as already erwaähnt Easter Seals and every broker is voluntary (we are not forced to) ten percent of the commissions to this charity.

Prejudice 7: The Americans are trigger-happy and continually bring people around - Wrong!

It is true that it is permissible in Florida to have a firearm in the house. However, without gun license that does not work well. This must be applied for and the one who wants to buy a gun, must also take a course and pass a background check. The weapons are registered. Not every American can indiscriminately buy a gun and there are also quite Americans who are allowed to purchase a weapon. The criminals get their arms like everywhere else in the world illegally on the black market.

It is also against the law to shoot people unless your own life or someone else's life is in immediate danger. A fleeing burglar is not a threat. I personally like no guns, but I have three watchful German Shepherds and I would certainly have no problem if they would make a burglar and a little bit "nibble" "by mistake". But my dogs detect an acute danger to life. Is not this, it would represent the first intruder and scare him a scare.

The author Monika Wilson is since 1994 state-licensed real estate agent for Century 21 Sunbelt, Cape Coral, Florida.
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