Florida travel guide

Boating - must have on a Florida vacation

bootsvermietung2Who makes holiday in Florida and whose travel budget gives it, should definitely rent a boat and Discover Florida from the water, This gives a very different view of the Sunshine State: On the water you can find incredibly beautiful beaches often still natural and lonely, you can relax while fishing and catch a few fish or enjoy dolphins, turtles and the many birds passing by. So that the boat rental does not bring bad surprises, we have put together a few tips below.

boatingBoating in Florida is a "must do", because only from the water can you experience the sun state in its perfect splendor. So you can find on the more than 1400 kilometers of coast mostly beautiful white sandy beaches or you can catch your dinner at selected fishing spots. On the water Flipper is a common companion, you often met. At the latest, when the American on the neighboring boat in high tones exclaims "Oh my god", one should slow down the speed and look there, where she looks.

Boating in Florida