Florida travel guide

Boating - must have on a Florida vacation

boatingBoating in Florida is a "must do", because only from the water can you experience the sun state in its perfect splendor. So you can find on the more than 1400 kilometers of coast mostly beautiful white sandy beaches or you can catch your dinner at selected fishing spots. On the water Flipper is a common companion, you often met. At the latest, when the American on the neighboring boat in high tones exclaims "Oh my god", one should slow down the speed and look there, where she looks.

By motorboat to the personal private beach

By boat you can even explore his very "private" private beach. There are days when one throws the anchor on a deserted beach, sets beach chair and umbrella, gets the cooler on land and meets the whole dear long day no human soul. Little downer here: Time flies by and so many exciting book is suddenly read out.

You can rent deck boats, cabin boats, pontoon boats, fishing boats - small, large for two or a whole group. The "captain" does not need a driver's license. He gets a detailed theoretical and practical instruction before he sets sail. There is also a nautical card that makes navigating easier. It is important to pay attention to the speed information and the red and green markings that describe the route.

But with all simplicity, respect is required! The waters of Florida are not only so beautiful turquoise and clear because they want to please the vacationer, but also because they are often very shallow. Therefore, one should always keep an eye on the depth gauge, if one moves away from the given sea route, perhaps to fish or to stay on the beach. Unfortunately, it often happens that beginners underestimate the danger of shallows and then get stuck in the boat. The alarm of the Coast Guard is then very expensive in addition to the possibly to be replaced propeller. A skipper liability insurance, especially for longer boat rental but protects you from nasty surprises.

The sails hang after the wind

About "Rent a sailboat" you will not find many offers in the Google search results for Florida. But you do not need a driver's license for this, but should already bring some experience with sailing. If you do not have them and still want to blow the wind around your nose during a sailing trip, you might better choose a guided tour.

Speed ​​for fun on the jet ski

Jetski over the water along the skyline of Mimi, past empty island beaches or just in the "speed for fun" rush. Jetskis you can drive almost anywhere in Florida. The beaches are wide and the offer is great. There are guided tours, for example, to "watch dolphins" or you go on an exploration alone. The fun factor is high, the sound cool - even if it bothers the bathers on the beach at times.

Kayak in the swamps

Swamps, rivers, estuaries, estuaries, lagoons and islands await you in kayak or canoe. If you like it tranquil and love nature, especially in the winter months enjoy traveling on the paddle boat. Because then the heavy rains are over, the heat gives way to pleasant, summer temperatures around the 20 degrees Celsius and the high humidity of the summer keeps hibernation. But even in summer you can do this sport, but then more to get to cool beaches or springs. The 330 kilometer-long Suwannee River is an example of Florida and offers many crystal clear springs from Georgia to the Gulf of Mexico. Just under 300 kilometers you have to Wilderness Trail including, there are even a few rapids of category III.

Boating in Florida