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Amusement Parks - World Disney World, Universal Studios and more

venetionpool1Probably the most beautiful public pool can be found in Coral Gables: The Venetian Pool impresses at first sight through its emerald green water. Many other glances remind of Italy, a romantic grotto, roaring waterfalls, a palm grove, of Venice itself and one feels transported back centuries.

theme parksAs Florida is land of endless summer, Orlando is considered a city of theme parks.

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universal5In the "Universal Studios Orlando"You get an idea of ​​how the big Hollywood movies are made. Let yourself be seduced into the magical world of Harry Potter or discover the unique New York with the Blues Brothers. No matter which movies you choose, you'll blissfully go home feeling movie stars.
Legoland0About an hour southwest of Orlando lies "Legoland Florida"In winter Haven. Created from the former Cypress Gardens, the theme park is the world's largest Legoland amusement park. 2011 opens the Legoland covers an area of ​​60 acres where 14 theme areas offer about 50 rides and attractions.
disney world1Walt Disney once said, "Here in Florida, there's something we never had in Disneyland (on the West Coast). We are blessed with plenty of space here. The country is so far that all our ideas and ideas can fit here ". And indeed, Disney's world is so incredibly big that you start wondering when approaching on the major highways, and only stop in the evening on the descent with a head full of impressions.
downtownIf you arrive on the day before or the actual visit to the Walt Disney Resort, you can get a taste of the spectacle of the next day (s) in Downtown Disney. Downtown Disney will most likely be intriguing just before visiting the four theme parks "Magic Kingdom","Epcot" Disney's Animal Kingdom"And" Disney's Hollywood Studios ". Divided into three sections, the shopping and entertainment center is located on the waterfront and is divided into the three sections "West Side", "Pleasure Island" and "Marketplace".
Florido tipOnce you visit the "Magic Kingdom Park", you can revel in the memories of your childhood once again - and quite unabashedly. The big, bright eyes of their own children reinforce this feeling many times over, and in the evening, with all their exhaustion, it is clear that this was a fairy-tale day. Disney World Resort's most popular park was opened to 1971, attracting as many visitors annually as the other three Disney Parks combined.
Epcot1"Epcot"will be a pointer to new ideas and technologies that are now emerging in the creative minds of American industry, this tomorrow's society will never be finished, but will be constantly trying out new technologies and systems, a showcase for inventiveness and the free American economy : That's what Walt Disney once thought in his vision, but it never came to that. After much back and forth, a kind of world exhibition emerged:
animal3As a theme park, zoo, safari and Disneyland, "Disney's Animal Kingdom" captivates all animal lovers and those who are sure of it. In the kingdom of animals more than 200 can be admired different kinds of animals. Numerous attractions are offered in seven subject areas, which are more or less thematically orientated on the continents.