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Orlando from A to Z

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universal5In the "Universal Studios Orlando"You get an idea of ​​how the major Hollywood movies are made. Let yourself in the magical world of Harry Potter seduce or discovered the unique New York with the Blues Brothers. No matter for what movies you decide you will go blissfully as felt movie stars back home.
Legoland0About an hour southwest of Orlando lies "Legoland Florida"In Winter Haven. The amusement park has been created from the former Cypress Gardens and is the world's largest Legoland amusement park. opened 2011 Legoland covers an area of ​​hectares 60, 14 offer about rides and attractions on the 50 topics.
disney world1Walt Disney once said, "Here in Florida, there is something that we had in Disneyland (on the west coast) Never. We are here blessed with plenty of space. The country is so far, that all our ideas and concepts can be accommodated ". And in fact, Disney World is so incredibly large that one starts at the access via the major highways to the amazement and in the evening at the exit with a head full of impressions again ceases.
downtownThose who arrive the day before or evening of the actual visit to the Walt Disney World Resort, can get a sneak peek at the spectacle of or the next day (s) at Downtown Disney already. Downtown Disney fascinated most likely just before a visit to the four theme parks "Magic Kingdom","Epcot" Disney's Animal Kingdom"And" Disney's Hollywood Studios ". The field is divided into three sections of shopping and entertainment center is located on the waterfront and is divided into three areas: "Westside", "Pleasure Iceland" and "Market Place".
Florido TipAnyone who has visited the "Magic Kingdom Park", can once again - and quite openly - revel in the memories of his childhood. The large, bright eyes of their own children reinforce this feeling many times and in the evening is in all exhaustion firmly: That was a fabulous day. The most popular park of Disney World Resorts opened 1971 and annually attracts so many visitors as the three other Disney parks together.
Epcot1"Epcot"Will be a hint for new ideas and technologies that happening right now in the creative minds within the American industry. This society of tomorrow will never be finished but constantly trying new technologies and systems. The flagship project for the inventiveness and the free American economy : So the thought once Walt Disney in his vision, but it should never come so it After much back and forth a kind of world exhibition was organized.:
animal3As a theme park, zoo, safari and Disneyland simultaneously excited "Disney's Animal Kingdom" all animal lovers and those who are here certainly. In the animal kingdom, more than 200 different animal species can be admired. Numerous attractions on offer in seven thematic areas, which thematically based more or less on the continents.

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