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universal5In the "Universal Studios Orlando"You get an idea of ​​how the major Hollywood movies are made. Let yourself in the magical world of Harry Potter seduce or discovered the unique New York with the Blues Brothers. No matter for what movies you decide you will go blissfully as felt movie stars back home.

Florido MapElaborate scenes of New York or San Francisco and Simulation attractions make the visit at Universal Studios an unforgettable experience. Excitement and fun for the whole family and for die-blockbuster Friends guarantee the seven thematic areas "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter","Production Central","New York","Hollywood","World Expo","San Francisco" and the "Woody Woodpeckers Kidzone".

Compared to other theme parks in Orlando, Universal Studios are divided less by theme but rather by region. So in example San Francisco or New York each region-specific architecture is implemented. Upon entering the park you should seek information about the dates of the live shows, even if it itself is already hard as well prepared to attend all shows in one day.

Magic World of Harry Potter

universal1Running through Harry Potters "Diagon alley"Food in 'Leaky Cauldron"Shopping from Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes: This provides the magical world of the famous hero. The dark side of magic in the Knockturn be Harry Potter's hearts beat faster.

An escape from Gringotts recalls the attraction "Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts". In the bank with a large marble lobby you can watch the goblins at work. The journey continues by underground passages. This multidimensional thrill takes visitors directly into the middle of the action. Innovative technology and special effects create an intense, unforgettable experience.

In the "Hogwarts Express"Go guests with bonus ticket as Harry Potter through the wall to track 9 ¾. Take the train at Kings Cross Station at Universal Studios and travel from Hogsmeade Station in the Sister Park "Universal's Islands of Adventure" and back. Every trip is different.

Directly on the film set in Central Production

universal6When entering the "Production Central"Listing you initially runs past a realistic film set, before coming to the individual production halls of the park. In the attraction "Transformers: The Ride-3D"You can expect a great battle, in which the boundary between fiction and reality runs into each other. The epic HD 3D film provides flight simulation with Nervenlkitzel.

In the "Despicable Me Minion Mayhem"Bring out the little yellow minions" Me: Despicable "visitors all sorts of practical jokes. In a turbulent simulation ride right and secular Minions Gru and his three daughters are accompanied.

With a 90 degree steep lift the short trains "areHollywood Rip Ride Rockit"Roller coaster pulled to about 50 meters upwards before they dive loop in the Non-Inverting and shoot with numerous curves through the scenes of the studio. Here are overcome before overturns in the record-looping up to 105 km / h 17 floors. The soundtrack to their ride can determine the passengers. Select to each ride just on the display of the stirrup and the very personal favorite song is over two speakers in the back of the seat recorded.

The green "Shrek 4D"From the bottom going with his wife on their honeymoon. She is kidnapped by the spirit of the Lord Farquard. Shrek and the public have to free themselves from the clutches of the evil diminutive Lords Fiona. Movable seats deepen the feeling to be part of the action.

New York, New York

universal4Who is not afraid of roller coasters, allowed in "Revenge of the Mummy"Quietly descend into darkness. Here you enter a museum, which is full of sarcophagi, mummies and all sorts of other Egyptian artefacts. The subsequent rollercoaster it has. Not only partially complete darkness, but also numerous special effects and reverse travel are not for the faint of heart. Yet for all the others that is probably one of the best roller coasters Orlando.

A street party in the Delancy Street with live music entertains in "The Blues Brothers Show"In the style of Blues Brothers movies with Dan Aykroyd. Jake and Elwood sing and dance in New York City the Blues.

San Francisco look at the future

universal7In San Francisco you can currently "only" the hunger and thirst. In "Lombard's Seafood Grille" there are, for example, delicious seafood, which can take on a pretty little terrace, while boats bobbing gently against their buoys. The area is currently under construction. From 2017 excited here the classic "Fast + Furious - Supercharged".

Hollywood in the footsteps of Arnie

In the "Universal Orlando's Horror Make Up Show"You can find out how the make-up is made for a horror movie. But everything does not always go as smoothly as expected. While the effects are not for the faint of heart, there is pretty nasty jokes. Small children are out of place here.

In "Terminator 2: 3D" the arms company Cyberdyne Systems would like to introduce its latest development T-1000 when the open house. Piloted unparalleled. In their demonstration but not everything goes as it has been presented to the company. Arnold Schwarzenegger encountered not physically here. But this 4D cinema is sent peppered with live actors and extraordinary effects. And after all the real Terminator tries to preserve on canvas the world from the attack of the machines. For children, this show is also not entirely suitable.

Alien attack the World Expo

universal2The exhibition "The Universe and You: Are we really alone?"Was transferred from the New York World's Fair 1964 in the Universal Studios. It provides the backdrop for the headquarters of today"Men in Black". In training vehicles the agents it comes to an Alien hunting mission.

In "The Simpsons Ride"It goes through" Krustyland ", the theme park of the same name popular TV clowns. The area is also on characters from the popular animated series "The Simpsons". The wild ride turns out to be deadly trap: Sideshow Bob is on the hunt for Bart Simpson. The simulation ride evolves into a turbulent trip with all kinds of action.

Woody Woodpecker's for Kids

universal8The kids will love this theme: Animal Stars of Hollywood productions demonstrate their skills: dogs, cats, pigeons, parrots, otters, mini-pigs show among other things their stunts in "Animal Actors on Location!"-Show.

For the youngest of pink dinosaur Barney enters the "A Day in the Park with Barney" on. He sings in front of a small, simple 360 ° canvas. With "I love you" fall heart-shaped balloons from the ceiling and delight at the latest even those who do not know Barney.

In the water play area the "Curious George Goes to TownCoco "" for 2 5 to-year this by no curious monkeys that are "out of his footprints in the soil. During the trouble for Coco is getting bigger, the little ones are always wet - a welcome refreshment in the hot Florida.

For children aged three and with a size from 92 cm here does the beginning of the career ladder than adrenaline junkie. The roller-coaster "Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster"Is a scenes experience for the whole family.

On the playground "Fievel's Playland"Inspired by the movie" An American Tail walkers "the youngest are put on slides and climbing frames in a world of mice run.

ET will still home: In "ET Adventure"Country, you can follow the friendly alien from Steven Spielberg Filmklassiger on the bike through the forest home. Tracing is the Poli time, until one finally takes off into the sky and colorful flowers and cute ET meets nature. Before you go, passengers need an interstellar passport to which they should take good care.

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