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warumflorida For vacationers Florida has always been a dream destination. But what does this mean for business owners? How can I protect against failure and minimizes the "training money", which is usually obtained inevitable with new beginnings? The answer is: It depends on that to find the right consultant. The paper will give a small Ersteinblick:

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estate agents Again and again the question arises, how many agents should work together usefully. The answer is quite simple: a. Because this is a perfectly adequate, since he has access to all property offered for sale. Here the broker and real estate system differs drastically from that in Germany. Of the

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ask catalog Hand on heart: Have not you ever thought about getting a real estate in Florida and fulfilling the dream of owning your own holiday home? Or are you already living here and would not like to let the favorable interest rates pass by? However, such thoughts raise many questions

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Construction Report

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  • Fountain
  • Sanitary
  • Air conditioning
  • Electrical
  • Windows and exterior doors
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  • ring anchor
  • outer walls
  • piping
  • foundation wall

Septic1 Florido builders small 1. October 2016

In front of the house the septic system will be created. This will cleanse our wastewater for the next few years and return it to Mother Nature. Countless microbacteria play brownies here and decompose the dirt particles. First of all, we never wanted to build a house in this area, because we absolutely wanted the town water

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Florido builders small 13. September 2016

Our house is built in the northwest of Cape Coral and there is still no urban water. So our house water supply is made available via a so-called well and septic system. First of all, you need the well that is being drilled today:

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sanität0 Florido builders small 10. September 2016

The clamps were easily overstrained with our demands. They have never cultivated such a German wall-block, nor wanted to learn it. So our builder took it into his own hands. He, too, has never done it wrong. But later on

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Elektrik10 26. August 2016

Because we find it somewhat unreasonable and wasteful to cool down the whole house to a temperature, we had already asked in the first planning phase for various house builders whether, if so, how is it possible to get at least a two-zone cooling. The opinions differed.

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Elektrik0 4. September 2016

The German installers would surely welcome it if they could do without the difficult slitting of the walls. Here in America, it is so easy to install any kind of pipes or pipes. They are simply installed in the wooden stands of walls and roof. The three trades plumbing,

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fenster1 August to September 2016

We are in the largest construction phase, which ends with the so-called "Frame Rough" inspection. What is meant by this is all woodwork, such as the roof and walls, as well as the associated fittings such as windows and doors and plumbing. This does not include the installation of the so - called sliding glass doors (sliding doors in the

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4. to 5. August 2016

For the erection of the roof structure comes first and last times a crane is used. It as if the carpenters the precut woods like together piece by piece in a puzzle appears. A little acrobatics here are needed, because no one is somehow saved here.

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Florido builders small 28. July 2016

The creation of Tie Beams (ring beam) is a much more complicated matter than you could imagine that as a layman. When we asked our builder how long alone casting the tie beams would probably take, he replied "4 hours". We talked for quite excessive. But this estimate... Read More
outside Walls0 25. to 26. June 2016

The long-awaited walls of the outer walls begins. So far, everything was just foreplay. But if the outer walls are highly brick, then the structure gets the impression of a house for the first time. Here we go! The walls are directly on the previously cast base from 40 20 x cm hollow bricks... Read More
plumbing1 Florido builders small 23. to 27. May 2016

Next, the water supply and drainage pipes are laid, which are cast later in the base plate. Here in the northwest there is still no municipal water, so that we realize our water supply through a corrugated and Septikanlage. At least now you have to know exactly where a toilet, sink etc.... Read More
Stemwall1 Florido builders small 10. May 2016

The basic rule for a lying in the flood zone land as our higher the base plate is in relation to the Base Flood Elevation, the cheaper the flood insurance. This fact as well as the height of the neighboring house have to be considered when determining the amount of the base plate.... Read More

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