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Buildingreport Grundstueck22013 2015 to

The adventure to build a house begins with the land on which it is to stand. The land search was a lengthy process. It lasted nearly two years. For the first time we had the idea to buy in Florida land 2013. We had an extended stay in Cape Coral again and saw a new house was built by one. In addition, we found our accommodation costs in House over time wastefully. By contrast, there was at first glance seemingly incredible amount of land for little money.

you looked closer, the relativized however again. Because we did not want any Lot, so here are called the parcels, but it should be on the canal with Gulf access. Finally, located in the city of canals. So we looked first in the low-price segment of existing land with gulf access. The lay mostly in the east of Cape Coral and were the location is not as lucrative as the southwestern Cream Pies. Here, prices had recovered since the crisis 2008 / 2009 such again that you had to shell out around the 200.000 dollars for a standard lot already.

From here, the Gulf of Mexico

In MLS, we finally found a few days before coming home an oversized Pieshape Lot near the Skyline Blv. It was not the ideal Southwest facing, we would have liked, but we would have in the southwest also can not afford. The plot was really nice, the neighborhood made a good impression. Even better we liked the country when we were going by boat from the water. For Caloosahatche River there were also only 25 minutes by boat - all in all a brilliant deal.

So we drove to different times of day there to see how the noise level due to two of nearby four-lane streets affected. Finally, we wanted to buy the property. We contacted the broker, negotiated the sales price a few thousand dollars down and it goes like this: It is said the agent what one imagines. He knows the range of the vendor and waving from either or advisable to submit to the seller an offer. This may take or propose a counter offer.

If you have no idea of ​​the practice, one submitted an offer and is tensioned. You have many companies sign small print, including - if it accepts the seller later - the purchase contract. We had asked though, what happens if we would but think about different, but not expecting it. In our case, we were able to withdraw five days for legitimate reasons. This may for example be the unsuitability for a particular construction project, which one clarifies with the construction company of his choice at this time. But who has the same a building contractor at hand?

Finally, we signed our offer and received the same evening a "Congratulation-mail" from the broker. Like right now? We bought a piece of land? This night we did not sleep well. We lay in our beds together with all the facts that have let us consider: Should we or should we not? Any arguments for the land were suddenly gone overboard. The next morning was clear: This is not our dream property. How do we get out again? It was finally no problem, but could well be one.

Affordable Southwest Cape Coral

Buildingreport Grundstueck1So back to the beginning: We should really be once clear about what we really want and what absolutely does not come into question. First of all we had to return to Germany. It took two more years, the shock was probably too low, until we should find our dream plot.

Meanwhile, continued to increase the price of land and it is the year 2015. We have now looked at a lot of land, from home on Google Earth and when we were there on the spot. Somehow slowly liked no normal Lot more, not even facing south could we still call forth behind the stove. Actually, we wanted the eggs Wollmilchsau: The plot should be oversized, possible a southwestern located Pieshape Lot, it would have a large channel, you should not so much sitting on Pelle's neighbors, it must quickly go to the Gulf of Mexico and but may not cost much accordingly. Such a plot cost now in the southeast between 500.000 and one million dollars - depending on the distance to the river.

We extended our catchment area now already up to the new Cape Coral in the northwest. When we started to look for a piece of land, the area resembled more the Siedlertum. There were only very occasionally a few houses. Meanwhile but was built so much new that this impression can no longer be maintained. Meanwhile one speaks even from the new Cape Coral, from the Seven Islands, which soon will house a collection of hotels, restaurants and apartments here, a beach is to be built and it is said to even be a new access to the Gulf. Whether we, however, still see remains to be seen. At least the expansion of Burns Goals Road is in full swing.

1200 m² Intersection Canal

Buildingreport Grundstueck3aUp here there was in any case still fantastic affordable land, but then again north of the northwest and to drive it currently still very far by boat to the open water. Except for one, the thus jumped us suddenly during a routine inspection in MLS that we were equal on fire. We just were not on the spot and asked a now-familiar broker to look at the property again. She found nothing negative, made us some pictures, but we could not bring to buy the land without seeing it live. Fortunately, we flew to Florida a few weeks later, hoping by then that the property does not snatched us away. Once there, we went straight back and were very impressed. It is exactly 1186 m2 really huge and is located on a Intersection Canal, speak to a channel crossing in all übertreffenden southwest. By the cake pan you have here a lot of water in front of the bow and to the neighbor opposite can indeed look, but takes it not really true. Moreover, it is so quiet that you can hear jumping in the water the fish.

We were out of control, but the sale price was about 20.000 dollars on our ideas. We went to the broker and advised us with her. It was immediately and negotiated with the sales broker. What can I say, we met in the middle and were happy - sleepless night afterwards: None.

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