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title companyJuly 2015

So we have found our dream of a country. What happens next? The contract goes to the Title Company. It leads the transaction through a fiduciary. They did this by taking the so-called TitleSearch, regulates the transmission of money, the allocation of costs and prepares all documents. The broker reviews at this point to check during which the land, a so-called Survey, say to be carried out survey and to consult a builder if the desired construction on the plot can be implemented.

We then visited a few builders and asked, but saw this no need for these measures. So we did not do that. There was also no owls, mangrove or rock on the property. And what we wanted as build, we actually did not even know. In the meantime, we got a closing date of the Title Company. This is the day the contract is signed. Here the buyer and seller or a member or a supportive person as agent or attorney for signature hit. Thereafter, the Title Company all entries caused in the land registry.

The beautiful and different this procedure is that the seller assumes all sales charges. We had only a relatively small three-figure fee compared to the horrendous four-digit notary fees in Germany to pay here for expenses. Also you can be sure that no more contaminated weigh on the property. Because that was researched exactly. After the signature, we naturally celebrated a bit while our documents towards the authorities were. A few weeks later, we were registered as new, taxable owners.

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