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Buildingreport Builder1July to September 2015

In Cape Coral is a lot of construction - now very much. 1069 building permits for new construction of residential homes (detached houses) were approved in 2015 of the city. Accordingly, many builders (contractors) there and a little more than 100 piece. How can one of everything in the world to find the right builder? Already alone to write down the experience in finding it, put yourself in a position, not knowing where to begin.

First you so looking around on various websites. the individual companies remain The better they are treated, the more the memory. Then you talk to the people that you know that. This in turn know again someone yourself or someone who knows someone. One has to know that the companies are growing here in America like mushrooms once the economy picks up. Just as quickly they disappear again, it comes with it downhill. Right now we have a whole forest full of mushrooms. I would say there are three ways to find the right builder:

The simple standard way

You look at the individual floor plans (plans) that each builder has so and chooses a matching. There is also a Specification List (Performance Index), which describes exactly which materials are installed. Adjust this to the respective requirements, you get a quick price, because the house was built so ever. After signing the contract, a so-called color session takes place at the then the colors of the materials are determined and the construction can start. The American goes after completion of such a house like in "Rooms To Go" and selects from the selected to the wall to the last image Interiors, the furniture store building this home, and it can be confiscated.

The ordinary "Custom Home" path

You look at the individual floor plans of builders and chooses an appropriate - if nothing new. Then you move a few walls and takes a few upgrades in the Specification List before such as roof tiles instead of shingles or saltwater instead of chlorine water pool. In the Color session deciding on the level 3 1 instead Level granite plate, etc. The builder knows exactly what he has priced offset to its standard program and you get an offer quickly. It followed Rooms to go, "U-Haul" (Miettransporter) finished.

The unusual way Custom Home

Buildingreport Builder2This is us. We want a modern house, which is based on a non-standard lot (land) fit and not a typical holiday house, nor a typical Residential Home is (single-family). There was until about mid 2015 a builder in Cape Coral, who built European modern houses especially for German. Long before we even had the land, he was the builder of our choice. Unfortunately, or better, thank God but he has filed for bankruptcy shortly before our re-entry and more - I'll call - White boxes houses left unfinished.

White boxes because they all looked the same: white painted with a dark roof. Although the style itself very like, we find the color selection bit boring. But for taste as well known not argue. The problem for the left with unfinished houses in engraving by Builder victims was among many that they had concluded with a large suitcase full of money contracts with him and now had already been paid for commission again. Not only do the double cost caused, but the poor first had to find someone to finish the built piecemeal. We remember: In Cape Coral is a lot of construction.

Self is the builder

So we wanted as a modern house with a new look that is Caribbean style - something individual, so to speak. First, we visited four model homes, which Custom Home Builder call end relevant known construction companies. In the first model home, the mother of the chief counted us all the benefits of their very children employed in great detail on. In the second, we were informed of the company's philosophy and made with the floor plans that we had already studied, even more familiar. In the third, the broker also spoke German as the second. She recommended a few other builders alike because its price class probably would not suit us. (We seem to have a poor appearance). And anyway it would lay here a lot of emphasis on German quality, eventually one would come from there (eh ... we).

The image on the business card of the Lady in the fourth house dated back to the seventies. If the contractor is also from this time, there is certainly nothing to the modern home. The realization of all four visits: no and the knowledge that we know nothing. No one took us by the hand. So what do we have? A promised call for an appointment of the daughter. The announcement, we have to draw pictures for 1500 dollars a plan before we can get a deal - cool business idea. We have quite explicitly enough money or when you looked nice: You're too nice to be ripped off. And last but not least, we did not want to take the risk to get built the last house before the pension.

Since the cat chasing its tail

Buildingreport Builder3A few days later, the appointment call voluntary, but not immediately, we had previously nachhaken a few times. The boss was very interested in us, wanted to know everything exactly over the phone about the spaces where, how big, how high, how much budget ..... When we came to the event, we received first comprehensive information, which delights and niceties always mitbrächten current customers from Germany. From German beer to delicious layer cake here everything was there. She also showed us a floor plan on which our answers the call were already being implemented and a fairly detailed price list.

From now on it would take only a plan that could be made only with deposit. Pool and Seawall should better organize itself, you would save each 3000 dollars that would be charged for this service. Oh, and her husband is the first been far and wide, working with CAD. arrived That these Neuland technology already in Southwest Florida. We should learn until much later that this really seems to be an innovation. At least after this date we had an approximate pricing idea where the journey goes.

Now we needed counter-offers. Laboriously we went on the Internet in search of other providers. The plan, drawn ever in CAD, but we by no means pleased, we changed so that at least the arrangement of rooms and the total area up to our expectations. Meanwhile, we have also found a tool that the individual builder not only reviewed but also current construction project lists with price and gimmicks. We visited other selected Model Homes and Construction. But mostly it was said: "We have to draw a proper plan, otherwise we can not calculate." And the costs money. It's like the cat and its tail or the Hanne and the egg: Without professional Floorplan there is no offer and no offer no contract and thus no professional floorplan. Who wants to always go our arduous journey, which was said today: Seek out an independent architect, let you draw a map and let you then type deals. If you're lucky, you get some, but not by everyone.

During our consideration of whether this approach is not successful, an acquaintance recommended a stranger. This contractor had his own house built to the great satisfaction. We only had him say anything, he would do the same. So we met with him at his own kitchen table. Already 25 years in the construction business he wants to establish itself now. He made a serious, expert impression on us. The lack Model Home and nonexistent water head gave hope for a good price / performance ratio. One week later incident confirmed the offer. Overjoyed we sit on the plane back to Germany. We had our builder found. we believed.

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