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foundation15. May 2016

After all the research, organization and planning is now finally happening. After the floor, should be in the house on the later was heaped on a pre Benen measure, the batter boards are set up and sprayed the floor plan. It's a great feeling when you finally see something and it is still as small as the orange line, which represents our future dream home in its foundation.

Our Builder makes a lot of himself and is already sitting in the excavator when we come to the construction site. the orange lines are quickly replaced by about 1 foot wide trenches for the Footer (socket). Here we talk first advantage according to him. Because he digs a deeper trench as is usual and fills it accordingly later with more concrete than usual. This gives a firmer stand and was important to him.

then called rebars (rebar) are put inside and put on plans in the trenches. Yes provided and that is a challenge, because they do not remain so simple as standing without the concrete. Before this can flow, the first decline is due. The inspector checks if all foreseen in the plan irons are placed.

If this is the case, the concrete workers come and fill up the trenches. Then it must be ensured that the out-looking from the ground iron during the consolidation process of the concrete remain perpendicular even and not tip over. So had two people for a long time to deal with a few kilometers to the construction site to reestablish the outliers respectively. But since it is warm even at this season in Florida and the sun was shining, it was a foreseeable matter.


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