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Stemwall1Florido builders small10. May 2016

The basic rule for a lying in the flood zone land as our higher the base plate is in relation to the Base Flood Elevation, the cheaper the flood insurance. This fact as well as the height of the neighboring house have to be considered when determining the amount of the base plate.

our land will Statistically in 100 years flooded annually on these so-called base flood elevation to one percent. Building upon a higher level decreases this risk of flooding. With the number of rows of bricks and the bulk cargo surface, the height of the bottom plate is determined. Depending the number of rows of blocks of their own land and the amount of the neighbor. Because if it is higher than their own, running in the torrential rains that have been in Florida in the summer, all the water from a neighbor in the garden.

We need two rows of stones, to the escape and conclude an inexpensive flood insurance can. On the banked surface a two-row Stemwall built now above the footer, ie the hollow blocks via the reinforcements, the later in the casting of the slab (bottom panel) are filled with concrete. These static precautions, draw down to where the Tie Beam (ring beam), the house is so massive that it can withstand (160 km / h) in the event of a hurricane wind speeds of up to 256 mph. And that is the rule nowadays.


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