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Florido builders small28. July 2016

The creation of Tie Beams (ring beam) is a much more complicated matter than you could imagine that as a layman. When we asked our builder how long alone casting the tie beams would probably take, he replied "4 hours". We talked for quite excessive. But this estimate is not even enough.

Previously, the formwork was made, which is also very expensive. Due to the fact that we have a 24 foot (7,3 meters) will have wide sliding front consisting of eight individual doors and these doors each weigh 300 lbs (136 kg), one can imagine that there is a lot of static is needed. We also wanted to have no column over this entire front, which interferes with the view of the Negative Edge of the pool and in the extension of the canal. Thus, the construction above the sliding doors will receive a long Tie Beam front, which must bear its own. How to do it stable? With lots of iron and concrete. After acceptance by the inspector Armierungslöcher be closed.

The workers have when casting the tie beams a really serious job: In addition to the heat, and in our case, even during a big rainstorm, they must physically cope with a lot. Again and again, up and down, keeping the balance, weiterhieven the heavy concrete tube, hold, communicate with the Betonguy "on-off-on-off" are viewed frequently repetitive work, believe it or 5 ½ hours. 4 ½ vice concrete were eventually brought into the masonry to dusk. Who would have thought.


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