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fenster1August to September 2016

We are in the largest construction phase, which ends with the so-called "Frame Rough" inspection. What is meant by this is all woodwork, such as the roof and walls, as well as the associated fittings such as windows and doors and plumbing. This does not include the installation of the sliding glass doors (sliding doors in the terrace area). They may even be installed after the inspection.

The windows are installed as in Germany by anchoring them with the masonry. There is a great technical difference in the external doors. While the doors of the house are ready and ready, the doors have to be dressed later. This colossal effort goes on as a common thread with all interior doors, door frames and rubbish strips.

Our builder installed the windows and doors themselves, so it has lasted for several weeks. Whenever he had time, a new part was installed. On the roof came the special foil on it and we were looking forward to every newly built window, which once again sealed the building during the merciless "typical summer weather pattern", as the locals call it here.This typical summer weather brings almost everyone Day with a tropical rain shower.


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