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Elektrik04. September 2016

The German installers would surely welcome it if they could do without the difficult slitting of the walls. Here in America, it is so easy to install any kind of pipes or pipes. They are simply installed in the wooden stands of walls and roof. The three trades of sanitation, air conditioning and electrics are now working simultaneously, and what is going on is the right thing to build.

The lighting in the houses of Florida consists of approximately 80% of recessed ceiling radiators and fans integrated in fans. This is, of course, great, as the fans fulfill two functions: light and air. And the integrated ceiling lights look just great. We have ordered an upgrade here, because we only wanted LEDs and these in an 4 Inch version and not in our viewable chunky 6 Inch standard variant. In addition, the electricians move all the other cables necessary for the house technology - laid easily over the roof beams and fastened to the wooden stands.


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For the cool night: air conditioning with two zones

Foregoing contributions (in chronological order):

Slowly the building becomes thick with windows and external doors Interlude in the building report
USA-typical walls with timber framework also benefits
Roof close with wood

Casting the ring anchor
Stone on stone - it is a house
Heaping and compacting prior to pouring the floor slab
When laying the pipes, take on Slope
Establishing a double-breasted foundation wall

Start the foundation work: Finally we go
Normal Colorsession can be any part 3: cheek bake kitchen
Normal Color session, any part 2: windows and doors according to specification
Normal Color session, any part 1: Just do not erdfarben

The architect and our plan

Spoilt for choice of contractor Part 3: I Easily can do thatSpoilt for choice of contractor Part 2: Builder changing yourself
Florida Scout TV: construction of a seawall in Cape Coral

Spoilt for choice of contractor Part 1: Land searches house

Title Company in USA is equal notary in Germany
The long road to the plot

Th, Sep 20, 2018



27 ° C

Cape Coral, Fl


Humidity: 79%

Wind: 11.27 km / h

  • 19 September 2018

    Thunderstorms 33 ° C 25 ° C

  • 20 September 2018

    Thunderstorms 32 ° C 25 ° C

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