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Naples from A to Z

delnor4Shortly before Naples - Coming from the north - there is a long stretch of beach with five parking spaces, although it is not as well suited for small children, but float the heart beat faster. The beach is very narrow (to be once been much wider) and goes pretty quickly deep into the water.

While you have to run in the water at many other beaches until long you're here depending on the tide after barely a few meters in deep water. This is aqua green and very warm.

delnor3In this tropical beach paradise visitors have a wide, tranquil view of the Gulf of Mexico, where they can observe many wading birds and wildlife. The snorkel goggles is not entirely out of place, you can watch small and also larger fish because of the clear water. It should also give a reef according to the official website of the park. Dolphins dare close to the shore and if you're lucky, they come to one or two meters to a zoom.

For anglers, there are certain areas in the northern regions for Boaters there is a ramp. Numerous sanitary facilities are available and also a shop at the parking 4, where you can meals, drinks, beach gear such as kayaks, paddle boats, canoes, beach umbrellas, deckchairs and beach wheelchairs for rent. For special occasions such as weddings or birthdays, you can rent a pavilion.

delnor2At the end of the park at the parking 5 there is a lookout tower. From this out but you can see only the vegetation from above, from the peeping out only a very small corner of the sea. The rough opening of the Cocohatchee River with a dangerous breakers can also be found there. Here reigns bathing prohibition, but a look is this wild beach worth. (Photo top left and right)

If you want to use the numerous picnic areas, you should visit the park - some commentators believing on relevant websites - more a week to set up, because the picnic areas are crowded on weekends by many Cuban and Mexican families. Admission to the park costs from 2 6 people $ per four-axle vehicle.

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