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Everglades - land of alligators

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Florido perfect dayThe perfect day in the Everglades

Before we plunge into the tranquility and apparent infinity of the Everglades, by name into the "clear water", we have to protect ourselves well against mosquitoes, especially in the summer months. As a travel time but better recommended the winter or so-called dry time. At the Royal Palm Visitor Center we start our tour with a short walk across the half-mile long Anhinga Trail. A ranger helps us discover the remarkable birdlife, including the long-billed snakebill named after the trail. Also, we can already close first acquaintance with the dangerous alligators, which we will deepen later.

seminolen2The word "Seminole" is a derivative of the Spanish word "Cimarron" and means "wild man". The Seminoles were long ago given this name when they fled from the slavery of British-controlled colonies to Florida. Originally it was "Creeks", Indians of the Muskogee tribe, in which many other Indian cultures mingled. The Indian tribe in the Everglades had to fight hard for its land and its present prosperity.

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