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Florida Keys - Caribbean flair

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keys3Water, lots of water - turquoise, warm and clear - surrounds the seemingly paradise-like Florida Keys. The 180-kilometer-long island chain has many surprises in store, and driving there should not be limited to Key West - even if that's the most well-known and freaky of the 45 islands. A bit outlandish, a bit adventurous and generally very lethargic one feels the inhabitants, whose origins are very different on the whole and yet they all have one thing in common: they are a little different than all the others.

Some of them feel very comfortable in Key West in the gay and lesbian scene. There are numerous dropouts who have left their stressful life behind. The artist scene is particularly pronounced. Native aquatic rats make a living from everything the ocean has to offer. Retirees do not want to know anything about their previous life. And one species is the tourists, who usually only come to look and then are gone again. Very few of them spend their entire holiday on the Keys but are much more in transit through a tour. The ride over the 42 bridges culminates in the crossing of the Seven Mile Bridge, a marvel of technology. As far as the eye can see you see only water and feels like on a car ferry, because you can let go of the steering wheel quietly - cruise control and always just go straight.

The islands at a glance

keys1Key Largo is the largest island, the name was already program when Humphrey Bogart 1948 was traveling here as a gangster. Snorkeling and scuba diving at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is a must. Islamorada calls itself "Sport Fishing Capital of the World." Anyone who has thrown the fishing rod here would like to do that again and again, but should also be well-equipped for the heavyweights from the Atlantic. Bahia Honda, with its beautiful sandy beach in Bahia Honda State Park, attracts nature and bathing enthusiasts, and Looe Key with the living coral reefs with pointed peaks and deep gorges lures the friends of scuba diving. A wonderful tropical forest and settler life in the early 20. Century can be discovered in Marathon. Halfway between Key Largo and Key West, this is an ideal stopover. On Long Key, birdwatchers, canoeists and campers in the Long Key State Recreation Area get their money's worth after the latter have not forgotten to make a reservation. And what would the Florida Keys be without Key West? There is a Caribbean feeling and the pure lust for life in colorful crazy Conch Republic. At the end of the USA Cuba is already sensible, in the Sloopy Joe Bar you are very close to Hemingway and at Mallory Square you want to reach for the setting sun.

Water and again water

keys2Of course you can extensively indulge in water sports everywhere on the Keys. There are boats or boat tours for rent. Fishing trips are offered in any form from hourly to a few days, with the goal of small to very large catches in the hinterland or deep-sea fishing. Parasailing, water skiing, snorkeling, diving to the banana boat, you can try out everything that comes to mind in a water sports technique. What else do you want to do, there is not much land. Culinary you only have to decide which fish or which cancer animal you want to eat, it is always fresh. And the cocktail of Cuban salsa music in the evening becomes a dream come true in Key West when you're back home.