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Panhandle - powdered sugar beaches and southern charm

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Panhandle Ort1Often referred to as Florida's Forgotten Coast, the Panhandle is a hot tip among the most foreign tourists. Translated, Panhandle Pfannenstil what the beauty of this part of the world will not do justice. Southern Charm, an abundance of wildlife, blues at its finest and approximately 320 kilometers gleaming white beaches with crystal clear water enchant especially along the Emerald Coast (Costa Smeralda).
Emerald coast1Forget all the beaches that have seen so far in her Florida: The the Emerald Coast are undoubtedly the most beautiful. The Emerald Coast from the East starts coming impress in Panama City Beach with its incredible beauty. Although here the architectural environment to want to put it mildly leaves something, the beaches are just amazing picturesque. Crystal clear and actually emerald water caresses the fine white quartz sand and can even forget the concrete buildings behind - at least out of season.
The Emerald Coast or German Emerald Coast is one of the best that there is. Here are a few insights into this wonderful nature in the Panhandle, Florida.