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  • Apalachicola
    Apalachicola Stronghold of the oyster fishery
  • Apalachicola
    Apalachicola Stronghold of the oyster fishery
  • Apalachicola
    Apalachicola Stronghold of the oyster fishery

Apalachicola Highlights

  • Watching the oyster fishing boats leak
  • Walk through the historic Market Street
  • Trip to St. George Iceland
  • eat oysters
  • Boardwalk evening stroll
  • visit Dixie Theater

Apalachicola Highlights

  • watch oyster fishing boats
  • historic Market Street
  • St. George Iceland
  • eat oysters
  • Boardwalk evening stroll
  • visit Dixie Theater

Map: Apalachicola

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Apalachicola from A to Z

Florido perfect dayThe perfect day in Apalachicola

Early risers embark shortly after sunrise on a little walk through the village. Then they can watch the fishermen leak. There are in the Water Street a small boardwalk with benches where you can see the many boats passing by. For this purpose, a coffee next door - just perfect!

Apalachicola perfekt1In the morning we explore then the dreamlike St George Iceland. First we go from the mainland coming to the right along the road to a private entrance lets us speculate whether there will be more beautiful behind. The famous stilt houses of Panhandles are ubiquitous here and on public beaches, it completely lacks public. The other side of the island opens in St George Iceland State ParkWhere the only flat dunes is always rolling. After a detailed often deserted beach stay we go back in time to Apalachicola to here to be able to still roam numerous art shops in a small shopping in the Main Street.

In the evening the oyster restaurant of our choice is a must. Of which there are some at quite affordable prices. Then we go to the Sunset on the Boardwalk next to the bridge at the end of Main Street. With luck, we look at the local anglers with their Feierabend employment and ask ourselves at the end of the day once again, why the "Forgotten Coast" is forgotten. We also come to the conclusion that everything is completely different than in the south: Secluded beaches, tourism and beautiful little originality can be a hold your breath.


Population: 2231 (2010)
Population density: 455,3 people per km²
Size: 6,9 4,9 km² km² Of Country
County: Franklin County
coordinates: 29 44 ° 'N, 85 0 °' W
Area code: +1 805


In Apalachicola history is quasi present, because she is still alive today. There are more than 900 historic homes, buildings and places in the historical district. Originally a trading post called Cottonton was established at this location. Apalachicola then had the third largest port in the Gulf of Mexico to New Orleans and Mobile. This brought wealth and a diverse population grew, which formed the foundation of this city.

The original plans for Apalachicola were modeled after Philadelphia and the similarity is supposed to be seen today. The city was founded in 1831 and received its present name in honor of the tribe 'Apalachicola Tribe ".
In the early 20. Century was the trade of sponges is an important industry. The city has then developed in a tourist region over the years from a port city to a logging town, in a seafood center, focusing on oyster production and are now increasingly.

In 1849 the doctor discovered Dr. John Gorrie (1802-1855) the air cycle of cold and developed an ice machine to cool the high temperatures of yellow fever patients. In 1850 he patented it and thus laid the foundation for the development of modern refrigeration and air conditioning. For Florida and the south was habitable all year round.

Remains of colorful and diverse past are today by many historic houses and buildings visible. The historic district was designated Main Street in 2011. In 78 construction and renovation projects total 1.433.340 USD were invested.

Apalachicola videos

looked over his shoulder oystercatchers

Apalachicola videos

Apalachicola for nature lovers
Th, Sep 20, 2018


Apalachicola tourist info

Apalachicola Visitor Center
122 Commerce Street, Apalachicola
9 17 to pm Monday through Friday
10 14 to pm Saturday
Tel .: + 1 850 653 9414

Carrabelle Visitor Center
105 St. James Avenue (Highway 98)
Carrabelle, FL 32322
Tel .: + 1 850 697 2585

St. George Iceland Visitor Center & Lighthouse Museum
2 East Gulf Beach Drive
St. George Iceland, FL 32328
12 17 to pm Monday through Thursday
9 17 to pm Friday and Saturday
13 17 to pm Sunday
Tel .: + 1 850 927 7744

Climate table Panhandle

air Panhandle


27 ° C

Apalachicola, Fl


Humidity: 87%

Wind: 11.27 km / h

  • 20 September 2018

    Thunderstorms 31 ° C 26 ° C

  • 21 September 2018

    Thunderstorms 30 ° C 26 ° C

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