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  • Pensacola
    Pensacola Synergy of dreamscape and history
  • Pensacola
    Pensacola Synergy of dreamscape and history
  • Pensacola
    Pensacola Synergy of dreamscape and history

Pensacola Highlights

  • visit historic Village
  • Trip to Pensacola Beach
  • admire dunes on Santa Rosa Iceland
  • with children at the zoo
  • Visit Aviation Museum
  • enjoy sunset at Fort Pickens

Pensacola Highlights

  • Historical Village
  • Pensacola Beach
  • Dunes on Santa Rosa Iceland
  • with children at the zoo
  • Aviation Museum
  • Sunset at Fort Pickens

Map: Pensacola

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Pensacola from A to Z

Florido perfect dayThe perfect day in Pensacola

In the early morning, when it is not so hot, we take a walk through the Historic Pensacola Village, Are we a little history, interested, we buy a ticket and look around in the houses, how people lived back then. Otherwise, the walk through the village to get an idea of ​​the time and nice pictures of the old America enough to shoot.

Pensacola1Then we drive to experience an unforgettable day at the beach on Gulf Breeze on Santa Rosa Iceland. Here starts one of the two parts of the Gulf Islands National Seashore, In this incredibly beautiful landscape we leave a few hours the soul in the turquoise, crystal-clear water of the Emerald Coast dangle. Particularly, we can look forward to the solitude of this stunning beach backdrop. Food and drink should be absolutely packed. In the late afternoon we drive back to Pensacola Beach. Here we can dine comfortably in one of the nice beach bars or -Restaurants.

The highlight of this relaxing day then provides the perfect sunset - either in Fort Pickens on the western tip and the second part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore. Or - if you want to save the entrance fee - we just stick to one of the many beach accesses before the fort.

Facts and Figures

Population: 51.923 (2010)
Population density: 883 people per km
Size: 102,7 58,8 km² km² of land
County: Escambia County
coordinates: 30 26 ° 'N, 87 12 °' W
Area code: +1 850

History of Pensacola

Pensacola2Pensacola was founded as the first settlement of Europeans in the field of today's US in 1559 of Spanish settlers under Don Tristan de Luna. They came then with seven ships and almost 1600 soldiers. A strong storm destroyed shortly after the place. This is considered by many people even St. Augustine, Florida, as the first European-settled city in the US.

France filled the area around Pensacola in War of the Quadruple Alliance, but gave the place back after the war to the Spaniards. In 1763 the city passed to the British, the port further fittings in the following years. During the Revolutionary War in 1781 the British conquered under the command of Bernardo de Gálvez in the Battle of Pensacola City.

Trading in England began 1784, after this was completed the first privately funded Dock. John Quincy Adams began 1821 with the construction of several forts and a shipyard to build warships. This gave the region a boom in the timber industry. 1851 left the first timber cargo port.

Construction of Florida Alabama + Georgia Railroad in 1835 henceforth links the port of Pensacola with Montgomery and used to transport cotton from Alabama. The economic crisis of 1837 the company went bankrupt, leaving an unfinished project.

Pensacola has three historic forts: Fort Barrancas, Fort McRee and Fort Pickens. Fort Pickens 1834 was completed. On 10. January 1861 to Florida said of the northern states los. Then the Confederates came from the evacuated Fort Pickens Pensacola and held them until May 1862. From 1885 1887 to the Apache Chief Geronimo at Fort Pickens was trapped.

Between 1875 and 1895 Pensacola was a major timber hubs: Good one billion meters of wood left during this time the port. Other exports were cotton, corn, tobacco, flour, phosphates, resin, turpentine, coal and iron.

1882 was completed the railway line to Jacksonville so that the goods produced could also be sent by land. Currently this additional recovery, the city had already 13.000 inhabitants.

The stock market crash 1929 and the subsequent Great Depression made sure Pensacola with its port, the economic importance of lost time being. Only 1941 it went up again, as the demand for coal for the Allies in World War II rise. 1942 made the grocer Calvin Todd that the hitherto private port passed into public ownership. the 1943 was full Attracted by founding the Port Authority. Three major fires destroyed in the years 1948, 1955 and 1958 large parts of the docks. That same year, the complete rehabilitation of the port has been decided.

Pensacola3Until then, Cuba's main trading partner was. But 1960 broke this trade off completely. 1965 was also overcome this crisis, so 98 percent of treated woods were carried out via the ports of Florida. But 63 percent of the exported peanuts came from Pensacola. The city was the way for a short time before the government Tallahassee capital of Florida.

At the present time one encounters warmhearted inhabitants with incredible perseverance. Natural disasters and the military have dominated. After Hurricane Ivan in 2004, Tropical Storm Dennis 2005 and the same year the most destructive of the three hurricane Katharina they have always rebuilt their houses and infrastructure. They live in the awareness that a next storm could destroy everything again. Militarily here are the Blue Angels at home. Every American pilot of World War II was formed here.

Pensacola Videos

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Visiting the Blue Angels


What to do in Pensacola Beach

Best of Pensacola Beach

Gulf Iceland National Seashore
Th, Sep 20, 2018


Pensacola tourist info

Pensacola Visitors Information Center
1401 E Gregory St, Pensacola
8 17 to pm daily
Tel .: + 1 850 434 1234
Pensacola Beach Visitors Information Center
735 Pensacola Beach Blvd, Pensacola Beach
8 17 to pm daily
Tel .: + 1 850 932 1500

Climate table Panhandle

air Panhandle

Partly Cloudy

27 ° C

Pensacola, Fl

Partly Cloudy

Humidity: 83%

Wind: 6.44 km / h

  • 20 September 2018

    Thunderstorms 31 ° C 25 ° C

  • 21 September 2018

    Thunderstorms 30 ° C 26 ° C

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