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  • southwestern Florida
    southwestern Florida Country Snowbirds
  • southwestern Florida
    southwestern Florida Country Snowbirds
  • South West Florida
    South West Florida Country Snowbirds

Southwest Florida Highlights

  • Artistic Sarasota
  • Quartz sand on Siesta Key
  • Vacation Rentals in Cape Coral
  • to Edison and Ford traces
  • Beautiful and rich in Naples
  • Shells on Sanibel
  • Hamburger on Cabbage Key
  • dreamy sunsets

Southwest Florida Highlights

  • Artistic Sarasota
  • Siesta Key
  • Cape Coral holiday house
  • to Edison and Ford traces
  • Beautiful and rich in Naples
  • Shells on Sanibel
  • Cabbage Key

Map: Southwestern Florida

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SWF1Anyone traveling through Florida, without inserting a stop in the southwest, missed the tranquility of the state. Countless turquoise, and much calmer sands when the load in the east to relax. Even the water is moderate on the Gulf of Mexico and especially ideal for traveling with children. The area is wealthy and is inhabited by very friendly people. One comes quickly this week, because there are probably more time here than at the Atlantic - at least seems that way. Many German or Americans of German descent are found or those who have a close to distant relatives, who had been to Germany or comes out of our home. If you want to really get to know the region, you should already plan a week's time. Good cook can also find an entire holiday spend.

Something for everyone

SWF3For sun lovers invite strung together like pearls on a chain islands with their gleaming white and / or shellfish beaches to a to leave his all just Fünfe. Families can register here renting a holiday home, about in Cape Coral, still afford. From the city of canals from can best discover the same for several days with a boat the dreamlike environment of Sanibel, Captiva or Lovers Key. Fishing enthusiasts have to decide here whether they would rather fight with the Tarponen or certainly catch a catfish. Who does not see dolphins on a boat tour, has not hingeguckt. Gulls, beach runners, herons, pelicans, manatees and many many fish are constant companions in the area and can be sorely missed already on the way home.

In Fort Meyers the technically minded come in touch with the inventors of the past while making their traveling teenager at surfing and sand-beach of Fort Myers Beach Party. The Friends of Culture will find something nice in Sarasota. John Ringling and his circus of the past inspire the children here. Glamorous Italian flair can be the Platinum card of their escorts sound fine ladies. And the less well-heeled femininity renewed their collection in one of the pretty closely spaced large shopping center. Then makes it also determines more fun to look at the multi-million dollar mansions along the Naples coast.

Something's Gotta Give

SWF2From the bed to the pool for breakfast along the canal on the boat with a fishing rod on the beach for a seafood restaurant to the bar: This allows briefly summarize the perfect vacation in Southwest Florida. Who says American food is, because it is dominated by fast food, unhealthy and make thick, although has right, but can be found here on the Gulf Coast is a fine, healthy cuisine or great self catering local products in supermarkets. It is dominated by fresh fish, succulent steaks and tropical fruits. There are some very good restaurant in the area, but they are not so easy to find. If you have finally discovered a and can be the glowing sunset on the beach a mega fresh juicy grouper sandwich taste with kräutergebutterten Gulfshrimps, then at least you know why you have preferred the American Gulf Coast of the Mediterranean region.

The water shy come into their own: There are actually tons of perfectly manicured golf courses in the region. Gasparilla Iceland even seems like a whole great golf course with residents. The Golf Cart seems Means No. To be on the island 1 which know many celebrities appreciate. Anyone who does not trust the lawn, visited one of the many beautifully designed mini golf courses. In rejoice even the little ones, as long as you get them on the beach from the shallow bath water away.

Southwestern Florida Videos

Southwest Florida - A Brief Introduction


Fishing in Southwest Floria
Wed, Sep 19, 2018


Southwest Florida tourist info

Southwest Florida Visitor Center
26600 Jones Loop Rd, Punta Gorda
Tel .: + 1 941 639 0007
6 23 to pm daily

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