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Florido sick Even in the most beautiful holiday, it may happen that a family member is sick. Prevention is better than cure is also a sensible way so that does not happen. The article gives hints what precautions you should already take home what you can do if someone falls ill and yet what dangerous diseases ever... Read More
Florido jail A beer on the beach, a small job opportunity for the improvement of the pocket money, swimming topless, the flexible breastfeeding my toddler or quickly forgotten speeding ticket - which will be surely allowed. Nil and caution: Because you should be taken into police custody on suspicion of a crime, is... Read More
Customs Upon entry into the United States, there are rules for customs imports of food and special items. It is generally prohibited to import animal and vegetable products such as fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, plants, soil and seeds. The carriage of weapons, knives, fireworks products, pornographic materials, drugs and poisons is strictly prohibited. Is duty-free... Read More

Florido traffic In Florida makes driving fun: The roads are mostly "straight on", even in towns the traffic is often four or multi-track, there are, in the centers of the few large cities always plenty of parking while shopping, in a restaurant, etc. My German license is for a stay of up to six

... Read More

Florido sun As is common in the tropics is also available in Florida, a dry and a rainy season. Especially in the summer months the weather can thwart vacation plans again and again. Because when it rains, it does mostly right - and sometimes it is also dangerous, especially if you might be

... Read More

Florido Pass Who wants to travel to the US should definitely prepare a few days before his trip to: In addition to a valid passport of adults need from the 26. June 2012 children their own valid passport. Entries in the parent's passport are then invalid. Is it finally time must

... Read More

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