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Florido jailA beer at the beach, a small temporary jobs for the improvement of the pocket money, Baden topless, the flexible breastfeeding my toddler or quickly forgotten speeding ticket - which will be surely welcome. Nil and caution: Because one should be taken into police custody on suspicion of a crime, is expected to process that in some respects differs significantly in Germany by the.

The prosecution and the punishment of the US legal system are in some cases considerably harder than in the Federal Republic of Germany. In case of arrest has gem. Art. 36 the Vienna Consular Convention the right to ask that the competent German mission abroad will be informed. Then one should exist. The German missions can then consular care (executive powers over to US authorities but they did not, so they can not, for example, order the release. You can not take over the defense, but support someone if necessary, for example, find a suitable lawyer). The following points will be noted:

No intoxicants possession allowed

Even the possession of small quantities of narcotics, even when it comes to resources or quantities whose ownership may not be prosecuted in Germany, invariably attracts a lifelong entry ban by itself and can lead to long prison sentences. There are also very high customs claims quickly over hundreds of thousands of USD. Already when entering the United States (even if it is "only" a transit concerns, so a change to the airport) are carried out strict checks.

Unauthorised extension of stay and work without a work permit

There shall be no work will be accepted, not even to earn a trip spending money unless you have a work permit. Illegal labor absorption can lead to imprisonment and deportation. Also, it should no longer remain in the US, as it allows the stapled in the passport entry card one.

Drinking in public

In the public drinking alcohol is banned almost everywhere. Already the visible wearing of alcoholic beverages is normally punishable. This also applies to national parks and similar locations. Alcohol may not be sold to under-21 years. Often you also have wide-submit and prove that you are already 30 21 years old over the years even identity.

Always comply with smoking bans

In the US, smoking bans are imposed more frequently than in Germany. It is recommended to comply with the smoking bans necessarily because here can threaten fines.

Nudism aroused annoyance

Although the laws in the individual states have become rare to provide the nudity in general as "Indecent Exposure" (indecent exposure) is punishable, should definitely be noted that nude bathing and even the Willing on the beach public nuisance to be construed as arousal and therefore may cause inconvenience. Only at a few beaches nude bathing is permitted or at least tolerated. On all other beaches should Nudism - will refrain - at best even by infants. The same applies to the Baden "topless" - not only for adult women but also of little girls.

Child pornography and abuse

Child pornography and abuse are strictly prosecuted and punished in the US. Even slight suspicions may be passed by a watchful population to the competent authorities. In this respect, taking pictures should not fully clothed children (including their own, for example, in the garden or in the bath) are omitted. The borders between harmless family photos and punishable "sexually suggestive" photos are blurred in the eyes of investigators. A display (by neighbors or a company commissioned with developing the film photo shop) can pull lengthy investigation in the worst case even jail time.

Sexual acts against minors

Sexual acts against minors - in mutual agreement - be punished in many cases with imprisonment. Depending on the state varies the age limit below which no effective consent can be explained in sexual acts. This can lead, for example, a 18-year-old with 17 years 16-year-old girlfriend, or is sentenced to 15 years girlfriend as a sex offender.

Refrain Public Breastfeeding possible

Breastfeeding of babies in public is indeed now the exception in most all states of the "Indecent Exposure" -Strafvorschriften, but should be avoided at least in restaurants and bars or in less "liberal" regions.

Breach of duty of supervision

In the US, the children of certain ages Unbeaufsichtigen be punishable and will be prosecuted. This should also tourists who want their children to such leave only briefly at the hotel or in the car, must be observed -. Even if only a few states in this regard set fixed age limits (eg Maryland, is where provided the sole letting children under 8 years criminalized ; or Illinois, where children do not have time not be left alone under 14 years for "unreasonably long"). In all other states mostly local policies are applied, where the minimum age of unsupervised children generally varies between 12 13 years and until it arrives on the duration of aloneness. In principle, therefore, is that children under 8 years never, children only shortest time should be left unattended under 12 13 or years.

Prostitution and stalking

In many US states, it is a criminal offense, engaging in sexual intercourse with prostitutes. Even the response of a prostitute may be punishable by law.
In the US, the repeated track or the repeated harassment of another person, called "stalking", punishable by law.

Attention in Staßenverkehr

One obtains a so-called ticket (ticket) for parking tickets, speeding, or the like, applies without ifs and buts: Numbers! In some cases there may be inconvenience else in future entries or stays. For information the US authorities. One should apply directly to the body which issued the ticket. This applies even if you have the USA already left without paying. The German missions in the US have no way to be helpful in these cases.

American officers expect motorists whom they will invite to stop remain in cars roll down the window and put both hands visible on the steering wheel. Disembarking o. Ä. They perceive as a threat and react if necessary with self-defense measures.

Source: Foreign Office

Wed, Sep 19, 2018


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