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Florido PassWho wants to travel to the US should definitely prepare a few days before his trip to: In addition to a valid passport of adults need from the 26. June 2012 children their own valid passport. Entries in the parent's passport are then invalid. Is it finally time must be at, show check in 'a so-called ESTA registration, which can be made via the internet.

ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) replaced the up 2010 distributed in airplanes green Form I-94W. Airlines are obliged to check the ESTA registration of your passengers before departure. So it should not arrive unprepared immigration counter the United States. Since 2010 two years valid ESTA registration costs also 14 dollars. The participants in the Visa Waiver Program (Visa-free travel for stays of up to 90 days) must register online if they want to go out for business or pleasure in the United States of America. This applies to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

ESTA information page

Click here to ESTA registration

The customs forms will be distributed on board the aircraft and may be filled at rest in the many flight hours. The stewardesses are happy to help. The customs formalities and the receipt of luggage are always on the first landing airport in the United States, even if you have booked then a connecting flight. This means that you can pick up his luggage during a stopover in the United States before flying and must go with this through customs. After clearing customs the luggage again and abandon the journey can be continued.

The entry formalities often take a very long time and it is not rare that a short stopover from one to two hours - and in particular the major hubs - is not sufficient to get the connecting flight. But that interested in, Immigration 'anyone. There they must usually wait in a long queue before his fingerprints - has to give and can take a picture of yourself - mittlerweise both hands. All in all, this whole procedure is not very much fun, but who wants to travel to the land of opportunity, must take for granted. Console yourself with the best of their latent higher security.

Third-party trust, yes or no?

The internet address diverse ESTA providers that initially absorb the required data and then enter on the official site and transmit. For this fall with up to 90 USD much higher fees than necessary. There are also reputable internet provider who specializes in the visa procurement for various countries. For this service, a corresponding Entgeld is due. If one of the English language is not as powerful or you have no credit card, you can certainly take a German service. at You can, for example, an ESTA apply for 29,95 EUR per person with a five-minute effort. Usually one ESTA then replaced within an hour.

Detailed travel and safety advice of the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany

Th, Sep 20, 2018


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