Florida travel guide

How is when the weather in Florida?

Florido sunAs is common in the tropics is also available in Florida, a dry and a rainy season. Especially in the summer months the weather can thwart vacation plans again and again. Because when it rains, it does mostly right - and sometimes it is also dangerous, especially if you might just generally located at fishing or traveling by boat. From November to April winter is from May to October summer time.

In winter there are 21 ° C and a lot of sun, which is disturbed by almost no rain. From May to October it rains regularly. This makes it not only very hot but also humid. This weather takes place in July / August its peak.

Now the "right" time travel depends on what you want to do and where it a breath away in Florida. Because of Panhandle in the north to the Keys in the south, the weather is different in some cases very. Therefore, there will be additional climatic information in the individual regions. Loves to bike and kayak tours, you want to explore the natural parks or visit Disney World, you should come to Florida in the winter months. Disadvantage: It is expensive because the snowbirds populate the Sunshine State. Particularly in Miami and South Florida then season, which also attracts larger crowds after himself. In North Florida Panhandle as it is too cold in winter, so here incomparably less, but nevertheless the summer rather attracts the tourists.

Preference is given to the sun, beach and sea, you can indulge in the bathing tubs located in the Gulf of Mexico. However, there is from June to November, the risk of having to tell of the experience, "Hurricane" to loved ones at home. Because the hurricane season falls during the summer time with its peak in September and October.

Air selected cities

  • Tampa
  • Everglades
  • Fort Myers
  • Panhandle
  • Orlando
  • Jacksonville
  • Miami
  • Key West