• Point of Interest & Sights
    Point of Interest & Sights Knight Concert Hall in Miami
  • Point of Interest & Sights
    Point of Interest & Sights Castillo de San Marcos in Saint Augustine
  • Point of Interest & Sights
    Point of Interest & Sights Dining room of Henry Ford in Fort Myers


  • Saint Augustine: Castillo de San Marcos
  • Miami Beach: Art Deco District
  • Miami Art Museum
  • Cape Canaveral Kennedy Space Center
  • Fort Myers: Edison and Ford Winter Estates
  • Sarasota: Ringling Museum
  • Key West Southernmost Point


  • Castillo de San Marcos
  • Art Deco District
  • Miami Art Museum
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • Edison and Ford Winter Estates
  • Ringling Museum
  • Southernmost Point

Attractions in the Florida Keys

  • Mallory Square
  • Little White House
  • Southernmost Point
MalloryIf you want to experience the whole crazy Key West at a time, one goes in the evening to Mallory Square, a plaza in downtown Key West. Here the tourists encounter hippies, shrill and funky characters, musicians and a lot of artists from fire eaters to balancing tightrope animal. They all admire and celebrate as a great community the most amazing sunsets - night after night after night. Read More
Little White HouseAt the winter seat of President Harry S. Truman important decisions of the American post-war history were hit once. Therefore, the visit of the only former president seat in Florida is such an exciting journey into the postwar America. In the years 40er-earth-shaking decisions were taken in this house many times. The Winter House was the residence of President Harry S. Truman during 175 days. Since 1991 informed the Little White House of Harry S. Truman as a museum. It attracts visitors from around the world who are interested in the story of the courageous President of the United States. Read More
Southernmost PointThe Southernmost Point in Key West is considered to be the southernmost point of the continental United States, where it should read actually the southernmost accessible point. The actual southernmost continental point is on the neighboring military base and the southern point of the USA at all is Ka Lae on the Big Iceland, Hawaii. The spirits are arguing whether it is essential to visit this southernmost point in Key West. It is just minutes from the city center. Therefore, sometimes quiet times go to get past it, but should not expect too much of yourself. Read More

Attractions in Miami

  • Wywood Walls
  • Bayfront
  • History Miami
  • Art Museum
  • Art Deco District

wynwood wallArt is present everywhere in Miami, but the Wynwood Walls in the same district are already a very special experience. You do not even know where to look first in all the blaze of color, cheeky, inspiring and very professionally conjured by numerous artists from all over the world on the walls of the once threatened by decay district of Miami.

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skyliftIf you want to get an overview of Miami Downtown before a walk, it is best to get in advance Miami Sky Lift (1). However, this unusual viewing platform requires some courage, because it is a balloon. Up to 30 people can enjoy the view here 15 minutes in 150 meters high. In good visibility, you can look a long way around 40 kilometers. {Jcomments on}

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miami historyAnyone interested in the history of South Florida and the Caribbean, is in History Miami (To 2010 as Historical Museum of Southern Florida known) correctly. Specifically, here on the history of Greater Miami, the Florida Keys and entered the Everglades. There are exhibitions, collections and publications about the importance of the past in shaping the future of Miami. City tours are also offered. {Jcomments on}

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Miami Art MuseumThe short MAM called Museum is an exhibition of modern and contemporary art. The museum does not own permanent exhibition but is dedicated to collecting and exhibiting international art of 20. and 21. Century with a focus in the Western Hemisphere. {Jcomments on}

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 Art DecoIn Art Deco design most immediately think of the architectural special, beautiful colorful hotels in Miami Beach, like pearls on a string particularly on Ocean Drive to - the promenade of Miami Beach - line up. It is a movement in the history of design, the shape of objects of all areas of life from clothes included in the years between 1920 1940 and up to cars and has its origins in Europe.

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Attractions in the northeastern Florida

  • Castillo de San Marcos

castleThe Castillo de San Marcos is a built by the Spanish Fort (see also History of San Augustine), Decided the construction after an attack in 1668 1672 and has been started. Cuban workers built the citadel of limestone over a period of 23 years. Today, the local ranger uniforms from the Spanish colonial period wear, so they wrap their visitors in medieval atmosphere. Every half hour there will be a cannon fire with plenty of visitors. Additional there are several other demonstrations. In addition, the Ranger on the issues of the tourists who like to answer competently and clearly pleased.

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Attractions in Panhandle

  • Historic Pensacola Village
  • Truman Seaside
  • Dr. John Gorrie and the ice machine
historicpensacola2And suddenly you stand in the middle: The historic Pensacola Village is barely distinguishable from the bounding City, not the well-preserved collection of buildings that can be a plunge into the past would be there. Otherwise you can illuster walk through time. Only if you want to see the often converted into museums houses, it costs an inlet, which is connected to a two-hour tour. Read More
Seaside1Kind? Pretty? The small town of Seaside on the Emerald Coast is No really cute in Panhandle. The holiday village from the retort served as a filming location 1998 the Truman Show. We remember still well to the regular morning unforgettable set of Truman Burbank, alias Jim Carrey: "Good morning. Oh, and if we should not see each other again, good afternoon, good evening and good night! " Read More
gorriehouseWho wants to know whom he owes the indispensable in Florida air-conditioning systems, can in Apalachicola inform in Gorrie House Museum. From 1803 1855 to the doctor lived Dr. John Gorrie in this house. In order to provide patients with yellow fever cooling, he developed an ice machine, which he patented in 1851. He was the inventor of the first cold air machine for cooling rooms. Read More

Attractions in the southwestern Florida

  • Old Naples
  • Imaginarium Science Center
  • Edison and Ford Winter Estates
  • Shell Museum
  • Marie Selby Botanical Gardens
old naplesAs the rich and famous live and live, you can find in Old Naples. Great art deco villas are to Gulfshore Blvd. Terracotta apricot and pink roofs make the origin of the town name Naples (Naples) all honor and spread mediterranean flair. Read More
imaginariumOn a rainy day in Fort Myers is suitable for families with children visit the Imaginarium Science Center. Here science is clearly based on over 60 exhibits and shown to be touched. Especially small meteorologists and budding tropical keepers get their money. Read More
Edison3The most important attraction in Fort Myers is the 5,7 ha² large former estate of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. At the Edison and Ford Winter Estates are two of the greatest inventors of 20. Century spent with their families during the winter months in the warm Florida sun. Thomas Edison was one of the best friends of the automobile manufacturer Henry Ford and here in Fort Myers its neighbor. Read More
Shell MuseumSanibel Island attracts not only with its beautiful natural beaches, but is also blessed with an extraordinary wealth shell. It is not surprising that here with the "Sanibel Stoop" (Sanibel hump) has formed its own interest group. So people are called, which have already received a very crooked back out of sheer bending over the mussels. As one of the best clam areas of the world, the islanders have also a Shell Museum. Read More

Marie selby2If you would like to enjoy the flora of Florida, you can go to the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota. On the shores of the beautiful Sarasota Bay, the industrialist William Selby, with his wife, opened the 36.000 m² large flowering oasis of tranquility, whose main attraction is the orchids.

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