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Dali1Dalí Museum Saint Petersburg, Florida has the largest collection of works by Salvador Dalí outside Europe. That sounds more than you think at first sight to get to see. Also, the building itself steals the show of the actual concern of making the unbelievable creativity of the artist accessible to humanity.

Dali2After the first "Wow, what a building" and the 96 oil paintings of the really very special Dali-style you might wonder, two hours later, where the others are about 2000 artworks and if that should have been all. Then you should know that 2140's extensive collection also includes 100 watercolors and drawings, 1300 graphics, photographs, sculptures and other art objects. Unfortunately we had the misfortune during our visit, that only the gallery with the oil paintings to visit and a second gallery for cleaning was closed - with unchanged entrance fee mind you.

You can get angry about that for a moment, shake it vigorously and then rejoice that you have seen these pictures. Because they are stunning. Alone eight of the total 18 masterpieces by Dali are in the museum. The oil paintings show Dali not only as surrealists, but his great versatility in works such as still life, landscapes, portraits, which he painted at the beginning of his career. Later, his famous double pictures, optical illusions, geometric and holographic paintings followed.


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